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Adobe Lightroom 4 Confusion

I've a number of years experience in photo editing, primarily using the older versions of Photoshop. I recently implemented the CS6 versions of Photoshop and Lightroom 4 on my Windows 7 PC.

Even after purchasing 2 very large instructional/tutorial books on Lightroom, I'm still pretty much overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done and trying to find out what those things are (when editing photos).

My primary questions are these:

1. Applying the 80/20 rule, are there any online tutorials, videos, assistance for explaining the majority of settings/sliders that have the major impact of photos? Right now, in my mind, every time I get ready to edit a photo I am thinking that I need to review 200 points in the books before starting. My sense is that there are probably 10-15 settings which pretty much address 80-90% of all editing that needs to be done – but I don't know which ones they are or necessarily how to properly use them.

2. I have read a lot about presets, but don't have a lot of experience with them. My understanding is that they are sort of like macros that apply a specific number of edits to a photo. If this is accurate, are there any places which have presets which can be immediately applied to most photos (or at least by category such as landscape, portrait, etc.) that takes care of 90% of what is needed in the image.

The biggest thing I use Lightroom for now is to profile the images so the colors more closely match the printer profiles at Costco, which I used for my printing.

Any help in leading me to the critical mass of what I need to do rather than the 1000+ pages of everything that Lightroom does, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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photoman11 video are the best tutorials, youtube is a great place for them, get the youtube downloader free or pro and then you keep them
Lightroom for beginners youtube results
Open a link in youtube itself then into Youtube search not Google put in your topic your interested in
Say presets in Lightroom 4 Results
settings/sliders that have the major impact of photos Lightroom 4 results
Sophisticated tools big subject cant get away from that but here it is broken down a bit depending your key words in Youtube search,
Even Experts Exchange has a youtbe channel as well
Hope it helps
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Thanks Merete.

Have you or anyone else heard of any other options?
What sort of options photoman11,
Adobe has it's own forum where they have all the help files videos just like any good professional tool, the guides are also built in to your software.
Creative Cow I believe it's called, yes it is, just from memory lol
some of their sites require payment reflecting membership prices with that of their software,
Adobe TV Getting Started
Adobe TV Show and Learn Video
What else did you need?
I know how daunting it is when starting out, any particular option your looking for?
Like live feeds FaceBook, Twitter?
Blogs? magazines?

Lynda dot com
Try our Lightroom tutorials
—every online course includes free video tutorials.
Great suggestions. That was what I was looking for... kind of.

I also wanted to see workflows with typical adjustments (and how they could be made quickly for a group of similar photos) for various categories of photos such as: portraits, events, and landscapes when the quantity of photos in any category runs between 200-1500 or so.

About the only other main subject I'm confused about is that any photo I take is in RAW (Canon) + jpeg. What are advantages of using RAW in LR4, should they be converted to DNG first, and should images be imported where the RAW and jpeg are combined (in the Library module) or as separate images?

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Thanks. Great advice!
Your welcome photoman11