disable/grey out/hide Site Settings menu item in Site Actions dropdown list for SP 2007

I need to give members 'contribute' access but don't want them to mess with site settings. How do I  disable/grey out/hide 'Site Settings' menu item in 'Site Actions' dropdown list? Is there an easy way to do this via 'Edit Permissions Level'?  Im unfamiliar with sharepoint designer.
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Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
A user with simply "contribute" permission on a site should not see the Site Settings menu within Site Actions.
You will need to create a new permissions level that only has List Permission and "only" has Open at the site Level.
ejosep04Author Commented:
Is this what you are talking about? (see attachment)
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
If you do that, your people will no longer have contribute permissions.
ejosep04Author Commented:
Thank you, JMayhair9195 for your input. Im not clever enough with SP2007 to understand the repercussions of adding a new permission level...altho I do appreciate 'pushing the envelope' from my point of view.
Ach1lles: I had a person try this after giving them 'contribute' access. Having confirmed that this does work (see, I wasn't fooling when I said I'm not proficient in SP2007), this is the simplest solution to use.

I appreciate both your help.
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