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DNS - Help Finding \ Deleting Old DC Records?

I need help in locating an old DNS record for a DC that was decommissioned last week.


I have looked through DNS (forward and reverse zones, all sub directories) and can not find a record of this server's name or IP address.

Yet I know there is an old record present as I receive the warning below when running netdiag:

DNS test . . . . . . . . . . . . . : Passed
       [WARNING] The DNS entries for this DC cannot be verified right now on DNS
 server xx.xx.xx.100, ERROR_TIMEOUT.
    PASS - All the DNS entries for DC are registered on DNS server xx.xx.xx.101
' and other DCs also have some of the names registered.

I did have a few issues demoting the DC, DNSCMD was used to delete the records.

Obviously, a record from this server must still be present somewhere due to the warning above.

I could use some direction in regards to tracking down whatever records that remain for this demoted server – any help would be appreciated.
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Right click on the zone name and open properties... name servers tab. if it is still there, remove it.
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Man, I wish it were that simple.  That entry had already been removed - all listed name servers are legit DC's.

Would be nice if I could simply right click on the root of the forward and reverse lookup zones and search for the DC name or IP.

Is there a tool that can point to DNS and perform similar searches?  

How do you find an old record that is still participating on the domain?
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Shane McKeown
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can you run dcdiag /test:dns and post the errors
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Leon Fester
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Run IPCONFIG /all and you'll probably see that DNS server is still listed in the NIC config.
Netdiag is a local computer test, so all info it uses it reads from the local machine.

Remove the DNS server entry from your NIC and you should be fine.
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If may be cached if you can see the record.  On your testing from do an ipconfig /flushdns to dump the dns cache .  Also go to your dns management MMC and clear the cached lookups for each DNS server.  Then try again.
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I’ve spent so much time removing old DNS records in practically every area of DNS, only to have left the old address as a secondary DNS server on the nic config.

So I was not an old record, but rather the configuration on the server’s nic.

Good call Sulimanw, sorry for taking up everyones time.
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Sorry - good call smckeown777.
Sometimes its the simplest thing that trips us up ;)

Good to know you got sorted, cheers...
Although you assigned the points to another expert...no worries I'll get another one ;)
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This, apparently, is not my day.  I accepted the wrong solution - the correct solution came from smckeown777.  My appologies.
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Man, I was hoping to correct this before you noticed.  I'm sure there is a way to correct this - I'll see what can be done.
No hassle...think you need to 'Request attention' and a mod will re-open the question for you...
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Done.  Have a good weekend everyone.
Glad you get the solution :)
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My apologies for the confusion Sulimanw.  Have a good weekend.
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