SSRS Report Builder DB2 date parameters

I have built a report through Report Builder and created date parameters (StartDate and EndDate)

activity_dt between :StartDate and :EndDate

Why am I getting an error? How can make this work using the date parameters that users can self-select?
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saved4useConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Dave FordSoftware Developer / Database AdministratorCommented:
In order to diagnose your problem, let's start with some questions.

What's the date-format you're using in the DB2 connection?  (e.g. USA, ISO, EUR, JIS,
JUL, etc.)

Also, what are the specific values of StartDate and EndDate?

-- DaveSlash
saved4useAuthor Commented:
Date format = USA 10/01/2012
No specific value for StartDate and EndDate - it's going to be whatever date range the user enters.

**I use 'between :StartDate and :EndDate' in SSRS for an Oracle db rpt and it works perfectly. Just not sure why DB2 is throwing errors.
Dave FordSoftware Developer / Database AdministratorCommented:
What error is being thrown?
saved4useAuthor Commented:
Figured it out through a Google search. Link to correct answer attached.
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