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MSN email

My OS is win 7 prof 6 bit and I use IE9.  Whenever I open my msn emal, I see a Microsoft security certificate, and I cannot seem to open the email that re displayed in any of the folders.    I have Nortons 360 protection.  How do I fix this.  Thank u.
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Can you post the actual screen shot of the error. Generally this may happen because of a digital certificate with lower key lenght.
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In response, attached is the snap shot.  It appears in lft tab  to the MSN tab.  
Thank u.
Have you tried uninstalling Norton 360 (temporarily)?

I don't mind Norton Internet Security and I use Symantec Endpoint Protection, but Norton 360 gets in the way of a lot of things.

Try this and please post back.  

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I believe this has to with the new merging of Windows Live Mail with Microsoft Mail.
Since your using Hotmail your Hotmail should be linked now to Microsoft Mail
Do you have current Hotmail password and account name handy?
If so log out of Hotmail and log back in using this>
Hotmail works fine with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and IE9. I do not get any certificate errors with it.

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In response to everyone.  I uninstalled Norton's 360, but the problem still prevails.  And clicking on the hotmail link or the links suggested above, I get the sign in page, but the username does not allow me to type to mine, nor the password.  It still displays the default settings and cannot be deleted.  
BTW I also have malwares which from time to time blocks attacks.  
I did not have this problem when I had McAfee.  Should I revert back to McAfee?
Thank u.

The link in your first post took me to where I have always gone.

The link in your second post wants me to pay. I bailed out of that.

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I did not have this problem when I had McAfee.  Should I revert back to McAfee?

You can try that. I would scan with online Malwarebytes first.

Why so many viruses?  Try to stay away from dodgy sites. That will help.

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It could be a message from Verisign, can you disable verisign ?
Internet Tools Options? delete internet browsing history, take a look in teh advanced undersecurity
>> website identification <<
What do you have highlighted is it a URL in the search bar?
Disable the anti-phishing feature should stop these messages
This what I'm talking about
Sorry thinkpads user they want to you PAY!!
which link?<< this is one I use
same thing just into windows live, hotmail??
none have anything to pay??
I went they recognized me and wanted a credit card.

I have had my Hotmail account from time before Microsoft knew there was Internet. I used Netscape Navigator 0.9 on Windows 3.1. So I keep it alive, and I can still log into it, but I don't wish to pay. I would close the account first.

... Thinkpads_User
Here is what I saw:

User generated image
... Thinkpads_User
I took a different route, went into Hotmail, and clicked on the free upgrade button. That has taken me to the new MSN email with OUTLOOK at the top.

Now back to jegajothy:

I now have the same screen as you do. I have the same Windows setup as you including IE9. I use Symantec Endpoint Protection.

I do not get any certificate errors.

I think you probably should scrub your machine for viruses.

.... Thinkpads_User
Yes I see that as well, I already have an account ?  but have never been billed?
Sorry I could not have known that it is different for you
Once I log in to windows live and click on hotmail this is what I see while in Hotmail

I have never seen that verisign message either.
Try disabling the phishing filter  jegajothy
what happens if you click on the x in the top right of the certificate screen
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Actually if it helps I just noticed in my emails account windows live
go to your windows live mail at the top left open the file then  options>@ email accounts
click on it and export it then remove it.
Could be interfering with your hotmail mail.
User generated imageCheck this old EE question.
when i click on it it is saying its a certificate from verisign how do i remove this and be able to read my emails
>the only times I had verisign problems with hotmail was when I had changed my date settings on my PC.
This will cause it to "expire" your verisign signature for MS usage....
Check that first?
Thank u.  U definitely are uptodate with changes.
I get the notices in my email jegajothy, you can sign up for news letters such as> keep me up to date with Microsoft stuff. Or show me the latest viruses threats stuff like that and then decide if you want to update, with the Hotmail when I received the Meet the New Outlook Mail early last year  I was just curious and clicked on a link from Microsoft to see what Outlook mail looked like wondering if it was related to Office Outlook,
and instead of just viewing it it changed my old Hotmail to this new Windows Live. I wasn't sure what happened at first but now I understand so I am now passing this onto everyone .
All these new updates must be of concern to most users as we get them with no notice or explanations.
Must be a kick to remind us we will never fully own windows Microsoft does.
If you don't update your windows these days parts of it will ceases to function.