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Mini GPS Tracker?

I want a mini gps tracker to put into my safe and computer case. Also possibly my gun cases..pretty much anything valuable in my house or on trips.

I can't seem to find a decently reviewed mini GPS tracker.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
I found this one. I know very little about them so I can't recommend it, but it does say it's the smallest:
I can't seem to find a decently reviewed mini GPS tracker.

You ask about reviews.

Look here for a multitude of data.

On the right you'll see "top 10 product list."
Then when you look at each one, you find reviews, specifications, images, side by side comparison, range, battery life, etc. under various tabs.

In the top 10 list you see Zoombak A-GPS Universal (#5 on the list)
Tiny in the palm of the hand in one photo.

This one does not appear to be the same as the one shown by RobinD but the box in the photo says world's smallest.

You may have different variables to consider, size, reliability, price, etc.
And do you think if you put it on your safe and somebody will steal your safe, you will be able to track the signal trough the safe metal walls?
I am not so sure about it.
You have to test even with a bigger one.
Look at the signal strength.
You should have something as double walls in the safe otherwise the first thing after your safe is stolen will be to throw away the GPS tracker or better take the values inside and to get rid of the safe - then your GPS tracker will not count anyway.

I am just curios: if somebody will break and steal your things intended to be tracked with the mini gps tracker, then how small do you expect to be that GPS tracker in order to not being seen by the thief?

Does your mini GPS tracker really make sense for your intended purpose?

Sorry if I confuse you, but I thought that a double check over your safe needs make sense.
It might be obvious, but GPS trackers general need an account with a service provider who provides GPS and tracking. I don't know any details such as an account per device vs. multiple devices for a single account fee, monthly fees, activation fees, etc. Make sure you learn ALL related details for whatever you choose.

Pancake_EffectAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for the tips and links to reviews. I will have to take all of your feedback on some of these issues I never thought of. I will do a little more homework on it and see how feasible it is. I can just install a security camera system. But I thought it would be pretty neat to have a tracking device to put with expensive lugage etc. on trips in case items are stolen. But it looks like I'll have to do more homework on it, because it looks like it's obviouly not as mainstream as I thought it was. Again thanks for the help!
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