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Microsoft Publisher - Publishing Mail Merge to Acrobat Professional

I have a two page Microsoft Publisher  document, that I have mail merged with a csv file.

There are about 500 of these two page documents -- that I want to Print to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

I can print a single two page document to Acrobat pro -- but I cannot seem to be able to print all 500 of these documents to a single Acrobat Pro document.  I do that simply by going to File > Print Merge -- and telling it to print just one "Entry".

I want to send the the entire 500-entry acrobat file to send to Kinkos  so they can print it.  I want just one acrobat pro file with all of the 500 entries.  (FYI -- They are 2 page mail-merged letters that we are mailing via U.S. Mail....)

However, when I try to use the same File > Print Merge -- and telling it to print all the entries -- using Acrobat Professional as the "Printer".  Microsoft Publisher tries to print each two page document individually -- causing a mess.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Rowby what version of Pro do you have?
Can you print the 500 individual PDF files to a single folder? You could just set the folder in the print settings
If so Acrobat should allow you to create a single PDF from multiple PDFs, either using the PDF Portfolio or Combine files into PDF
Not a one-step process but a bit closer to what you wanted.
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Thanks for responding.  Acrobat Pro CS5.

But each time it wants to print the file it asks me to confirm a file name.  There are actually over 500 files --- about 1,200 files.   Can I turn off the prompt so acrobat will just print out the files -- and then I can, as you suggest, use Pro to combine all the files in that folder?


Sure just go to Start > Devices & Printers > Adobe PDF printer > right-click > Printing preferences > Adobe PDF Settings tab > Adobe PDF Output Folder dropdown as shown below. Next to "Prompt for Adobe PDF filename" hit the Browse button to go to the folder you want. Uncheck View Adobe PDF Results. Then OK the dialogs and print away. I assume it generates a new filename for each of the prints from Publisher?
User generated imageAlso can you tell me what version of Publisher, I was assuming 2010?

Publisher 2007.

And will double check acrobat settings.....
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Ah.  That explains it.  I thought I was able to do that before.

I will look around for Office 2003.  Thanks for that tip.

I will get back with the results of my test.

Good luck, if you have volume licensing, then your IT guys will also be able to give you a copy of 2003, 2010 or 2013 now.
Hi  terencino

I got Publisher 2003 from Amazon.   Below is a snipipet from the link you sent.  If I want it to batch print up to 2000 items, do I add =2000  or just the number 2000

What is the format:

For example is this correct:  NumberOfRecordsPerBatch=2000



ADD A STRING VALUE: NumberOfRecordsPerBatch then enumerating whatever batch size you would like.

Guess what there is no printing tab under Publisher 2010 (14.0)

Hi rowby, wow I didn't think they were around any more.
The value is just 2000, no = sign
Have you modified the registry before?
Yup. I've modified registry before.   Will do it later today and will award points.

So just to be certain, this is what the registry entry needs to look like:

or is it
 NumberOfRecordsPerBatch 2000

Just want to be certain :)

The DWORD is
It's value is 2000
Good luck can you send me a screenshot when you get to it
Will do!
Here's what I entered.  I guess it is okay :)
Tried it and looks like it's publishing.  I have over a 1000 2 page letters.  I'll report back after it finishes.   No more "one PDF document at a time" that screws everything up.
Great, but there was only 200 in there, not 2000?
Ah!  That's why it only printed 200!.   I'll go into regedit and redo it!
Thanks!  The problem was Microsoft not doing it Q&A and not paying attention to its feedback.  

Microsoft better get their act together or Google's cloud will take over deskop publishing too!

Hello all

I installed Windows 8.1 and reinstalled Publisher 2003 so I could mailmerge more than 20 pages at a time to Acrobat Pro.  

Just to clarify for anyone else wondering how to do this.  Here is a screen shot of my modified registry.  As you can see I set the quantity of Acrobat Page printing to a maximum of 10 trillion I think!