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Linked Dropdown lists- multiple words in list

I am looking to link several lists to make it easy for users to categorize issues.  I have included a file that shows a sample of the 3 levels that I need to link together in dropdown lists.  The fourth level needs to be able to be applied to all Level 3 values.  Level 4 defines what went wrong as related to level 3.  I looked into using vlookup and INDIRECT formulas that would work with multiple words in a list value.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If you are looking for dependent data validation, please find the following link where couple of method describes.

Dependent Data validation

You  will need three drop-downs where level 2 is dependent on level 1 but level 3 independent of the others. Since level 3 is an independent list it presents no difficulty. The interdependence of levels 1 and 2 is demonstrated in the attached workbook.
Now, the meaning of the selection the user makes in level 3 will depend upon the selections made in levels 1 and 2. However, that is a question answered by the evaluation of all 3 selections, which can be made after all 3 selections are known.
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Would you be intrested in a VBA solution ?
I worked on your issue to put the data in the correct format and create a table sheet just for me to get the hunch Table sheet can be deleted with no fear. All is in sheet Main

You will see the 4 levels and just click on row2 by progression of levels and check if this is what you want. If you go further to the right until Col AA you will see the mechanics.

Pls let me know if this is what you are aiming at.
Did you had a chance to try the proposed solution ?
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Sorry goflow for the delay in responding.  Can you tell me how you did it?
is it what you want ? does it reach the result you expect ?
What gowflow means is that if you liked the dance, why not pay the band?
I'm sure they will play an encore for you, too, once the formalities are settled.
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Jacques Geday
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Faustulus I just read your message that I did not understand.
Thanks goflow!  Sorry for the delay in responding...very busy these days.  The solution worked perfectly!!
Thank you and no worries.
Thanks!  One last question about the above solution.  How do i make sure to reset the level 2
and level 3 drop down lists so the previous values are not there when selecting a new level 1?
sorry do not understand your question pls clarify
Once you select level1 and the you go to the second dropdown list and get the associated level 2.

Now if go to select a new level one.  The second dropdown still shows the previous

Is there a way to clear the second drop down list once you select a new level 1 value
lists-need-to-Link-comment.xlsmyes I can do this in VBA.
is this what you want ? make sure you activate macroes and try it out
Did it do it ?
Hi gowflow.
It worked like a charm.  I wish I could award you more points!!
don't worry I'am satissfied if you are. If you need help in an other question don't hesitate to put a link in here.
ok thanks!