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Office 2010 and TS/RDP 2008 licensing

If I have a single volume license for Office 2010, and a server running RDP/TS, can I install Office 2010 on it if all the clients that will be accessing this server have (licensed) local copies of Office 2010 installed on them?

I swear that the people at Microsoft sit around thinking up ways to make licensing as complicated as possible.
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they will count towards your volume licensing CALS.

are the workstation licenses part of the volume licenses or OEM? - Although I don't think that makes any difference
Yes it is a real pain, but it looks like you will be Ok to do what you want, as long as the clients have volume licenses, and a RDS CAL for each device accessing the RDS server.

This document is surprisingly helpful:
Licensing Brief - Licensing of Microsoft Desktop Application Software for Use with Windows Server Remote Desktop Services

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The Office 2010 licenses on the workstations are not part of the VLA(they are retail/OEM).  Each WS will have its own RDS CAL.
According to that licensing brief then Microsoft is forced to squeeze some more $$$ out of you for Volume Licensing, see page 5, item 10, with some qualifications that might make it less painful...
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That appears to be the case.  Item 7 says yes, 6 and 10 seem to say no.
The problem is that "the OEM license does not permit access and use from a network server" so it will be blocked and Office will not actually work. This happened recently to another EE member, and he had to buy the VL pack.  It simply won't work otherwise

So while Microsoft says "the general rule is one license for each desktop accessing Microsoft Office" in RDS, they actually mean one Volume License plus one RDS CAL.

I have been through a Microsoft software compliance audit recently, they are not nasty and they don't hit you with retrospecitve charges, but the process was incredibly tedious, especially since they were not up to speed on their own licensing terms and neither was my reseller. So what chance have we got to understand it
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So with Office 2010, it's not just a matter of wading into a licensing gray area-the apps flat out just don't work?
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oem wont install on a terminal server,
and just because something does (or doesn't) install that doesn't mean you  are licensed correctly.
He knows that