Word 2010 loading cursor circle flicks constantly.

A computer i manage has come up with a very strange issue; the cursor, when in word will flick from the windows 7 loading blue circle cursor back to the normal pointer every second or half second. Its very annoying, but does not interfere with any of the functionality of word.

steps i have tried to resolve this:
disabled all word add-ins
disabled all startup items and non-microsoft services.
uninstalled and reinstalled and repaired office.
Googled it.

I Have run out of ideas, hopefully someone here has seen this before.
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terencinoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you change your printer to something else and see what happens
terencinoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Couple of questions:
1. What is your default printer?
2. Have you updated to Office SP1?
3. Do you have any documents in %userprofile\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates

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DAWRAuthor Commented:
Printer is a Canon IR C5185 with PCL5c driver (latest) network not USB.
No its not SP1, i will do that now.
there was only the Normal templates. Ive deleted them now to be recreated.
DAWRAuthor Commented:
Office version is 14.0.6129.5000, which is greater than the SP1 version number, although it doesn't say SP1 in the help menu like usual.

Ive changed the default printer to CutePDF Writer. it seems to be working.
Weird, i would never have picked that. Can someone please explain to me why/how the printer can do this? Also, changing the printer inst a fix, just a workaround. The default printer has to be the IR C5158 and i have had problems with it on this computer recently where it was using a PCL6 driver and would take up to 30 mins to print a document and works fine with the current driver. So a fix that doesn't bring back that issue will be great :D
To check whether you have SP1 click on the Additional Version & Copyright Information link, to bring up ye olde About box..

The printer issue has been mentioned a few times in previous posts. Solution is to uninstall and reinstall the printer. In case the PCL5 drivers are OK, since it is Canon can you try using their native UFR II drivers instead of PCL, or maybe PS3?
DAWRAuthor Commented:
Yep, I know how to get up the about box, I meant that in there (where is usually says SP1), it does not. Though the version number is greater then the version number of sp1, so I assume that means that it is sp1.

I'll try a reinstalling the printer this afternoon and post back,

Cheers guys
I don't really know how MS versioning works but here's what SP1 looks likeAbout WordGood luck with the printer
For us the resolution was having user logoff then login as admin then renaming the user's windows profile to name.bak and deleting the associated registry key to eliminate the temporary file message / profile deleted on next login message. Re-logged in user and copied over saved items I tucked away on shared drive prior to it all... Hope this helps someone.
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