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Exchange email account not able to receive emails from external domains?

I recently ran into a problem where VSS was taking up all of the space on the server's c: drive so I moved it to a different drive.  I don't know if that has anything to do with this problem, but now nobody is able to receive emails from external domains on their exchange email accounts.  We can send emails no problem, but we can't receive from outside domains, just internal domains.  Anyone know what the problem is?
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You need to create a receive connector
What error do you get when you do Telnet to your MX on port 25? You can also go to website to check for any error or warning.

Any error or warning in Application & System Event log?
Whats the free disk space size on volume where queue database resides?
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Have you tried sending yourself an email from an external provider e.g., and checked if any errors are being returned?
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Any emails that I send from my gmail account, nothing happens.  It sends, I don't get a kick back anything, but never receive it on exchange either.

How to I create a receive connector?
under hub transport role with wildcard (*)
Receive Connectors would be there by default. However they are also for Exchange 2007 and higher, and your tags say Exchange 2003. It would help if you clarified what version of Exchange you have in the question.

Can you telnet in to the server on port 25?

telnet 25

If you look at the queues in ESM, do you see anything there? Are all services running?

Sorry.  I am running Exchange 2003 on Server 2003.
When I run the test connectivity analyzer, I get this error:  "No MX records were found in DNS for SMTP domain"
How should the mx records look in dns?  How do I know I'm editing them the right way?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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Simon, thank you so much for the help.  You were 100% correct in that it is all external settings.  I'm now waiting for a response from the owner of the company that I work for with the login credentials for which is where the mx records must be modified.