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exchange mailbox migration

Dear all,
i would like to seek advise / solution on how can i migrate mailbox with scenario below?

there are 2 different AD forests. Assuming Forest A is in India which host exchange 2010.
Forest B is in Singapore. And now, Singapore user mailbox is HOSTED in India. Between the forest, there are trust. I want to move the mailbox from India to Singapore. I believe i must install an exchange 2010 in Singapore of course. But how can i move user mailbox in India mailbox server to Singapore mailbox server? In the Exchange Management Console, when i choose move mailbox, will it show singapore mailbox server as an option?
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James H
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Here is a great article that describes the methods to accomplish this.
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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Hi All,
those links were very very helpful!! i appreciate.
But the cross forest migration article by Sateshwaran Manoharan is a little bit different with the situation i am facing now (maybe i am wrong).

My understanding with the article is: user will login to their system with the AD account from Target forest account with mailbox from Target forest.
And what i need to achieve is: in the end of the day, user will need to login to their system with their current AD account from Source Forest account with mailbox from Target forest.

I apologize if there is any confusion, but can someone please enlighten me? thank you.
Julisanto: what your saying is in the scenario where the active AD accounts would reside in Current AD forest and a Linked mailbox in the new Forest

- Rancy
Hi Rancy,
sorry for the confusion, Ok let me  explain further.

Current situation is:

user ---> login to system using APAC AD account (forest A) ---> run outlook ---> authenticate to India exchange server (india has forest B, meaning it is another AD account).

So user are having 2 accounts with 2 passwords (AD to login to system and mailbox account)

To achieve:

user ----> login to system using APAC AD account (forest A) ----> run outlook ---> authenticate to local exchange.

so there isnt any exchange in forest A yet. I understand i need to build it, but how to migrate the mailbox from cross forest (this is explained from above URLs), and USER JUST NEED TO HAVE 1 ACCOUNT TO RULE ALL. it must be transparent to user, where user are not prompted for change of password. And in the end of the day, the India infrastructure will be decommissioned.
When you say its Forest are these real different Forest or just Domains ?

Cross forest can be done by using trust and Exchange Shell or using PST method (with PST you will have to add X500)
I guess Outlook profiles now point to a different Autodiscover and server which will change

- Rancy
it is real different forest. But to user, it must be seamless. so end of the day, user feels nothing while actually back end has been migrated. Meaning, user do not have to reconfigure outlook, and wont experience any single thing.
Hope no hardcoding if so it should be fine with Auto-discover

- Rancy
in my understanding, if i migrate the account (AD and Mailbox) from India forest to APAC forest. While user is logging into system with APAC forest. How can i make it transparent to user for their outlook client?
Look what i understand is that currently in your APAC env you have some DNS or Host entries pointing to the India server and anyways when you will have the Exchange in APAC it would autodiscover to it only

- Rancy
Hi Rancy,
hm... for example:

1. User: Michael, login to system using windows account: michael.fjord (APAC Forest)
2. then Michael launch outlook and the credential is abc\mfjord (India Forest)
3. Michael's mailbox is residing in the India forest.
4. Assuming i have installed a new exchange in APAC Forest.
5. Can i migrate Michael's Mailbox? if yes, the mailbox will tie to which AD account?
Can i migrate Michael's Mailbox? - Yes you can surely as i said earlier as well

New Mailbox on APAC will be associated to APAC or as i also said you can play with PST Export\Import

- Rancy
Hi Rancy,
but the AD account name is different from both forest (michael.fjord and mfjord).
When i move the mailbox, how does the mailbox (mfjord) associate itself to michael.fjord, so that this user feels nothing at all? sorry to trouble you. Because in EMC, when i make a move request, it only move mailbox and enable me to choose the mailbox server, it dont give me the option to associate to which AD account.
michael.fjord and mfjord - these are Alias or Logon names

I agree to your point so for that you can do a PST move and i guess you would need to add X500 ..... what best i can say is create some Test account and work with them to understand what shows what affects

- Rancy
these are logon names...

errr x500?? and my concern is also on the SID.
Look SID is on the AD account and many a times ppl have to move Mailbox using PST moves .... X500 is needed so no issues happen if you work using PST

- Rancy
hi Rancy,
sorry for late reply..

So the best and safe way is:
1. configure a new exch in APAC forest.
2. have user save their email into PST instead.
3. create mailbox for user
4. Use autodiscover so that user feels nothing when they launch outlook client?

am i right?