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Downloading SharePoint 2010 (Free Trial)

I have built a in 2K8R2 VM which is now part of the domain.

I want to use the Change Control Template for SharePoint and want to install SharePoint (Free Trial) onto this server.

What version of SharePoint should I be looking at downloading and is there anything I should be mindful of when running this installation?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Justin Smith

Can you specify what you mean by Change Control Template?

I would suggest you try SharePoint 2013, since it's the latest version.  However, you may need to use 2010, depending on what your template supports.


During the install if you choose "basic standalone", it will auto-install an Express version of SQL for you.  Otherwise, you'll need to install SQL yourself.

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i would recommend you to try SharePoint 2013 uing below article:

I'm assuming you are talking about one of the Fab 40 templates from SharePoint 2007 that was upgraded to a 2010 format. You can use SharePoint Foundation it isn't a free trial its just free with windows server
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It is the Change Control MGMT System downloadable template, one of the Fab 40 templates.

I would like to download the 180-day SP 2010 Foundation SP package so that I can configure an dimplement the CC MGMT Sys template onto a VM Win Server 2K8 R2. However, 2013 looks and sounds better but I'm not sure whether there are many/any pre-reqs to consider first?
Justin Smith

Thats exactly why I asked.  The Fab 40 was not officially upgraded to 2010 by Microsoft, and I'd advise avoiding them completely (even though some third party people have upgraded them).

There is no point in going with Foundation.  2013 is the new product, can do anything that 2010 can do plus more.

The PreReq's are pretty much the same, it just requires a bit more memory in Prod scenarios.  


Actually any of the server solutions of the fab 40 (wsps) were officially supported by microsoft on 2010. It was the site templates .stp files that were not.
2013 is an option but doesn't have the change control template you are looking for. If you are only standing it up for a particular purpose and it is this template I don't see why you would go with 2013.
With that said, I've been using it and if you are going to have a big farm or are interested in social its a no brainer.
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I have installed SP2013 with a view to using it fully for the business and with that I have installed the Foundation version and wanted to start with the Change Request MGMT template.

I have created SP-SQL, the first primary Web Application, and also a Team Site Colletion which provides me with a foundation. I have also installed the CRM template locally on the SP server via command line as per MS web advice but when creating a new Site Collection and selecting the Change Mgmt template (Application Template 2010) I receive the following error:

Sorry, something went wrong
The field with ID {46b00cd2-bc51-45d8-87e1-68f1be35275f} defined in feature {75a0fea7-cd50-401e-af0e-782f3662a299} was found in the site collection or in a subsite.

Thanks, I'm starting again with SP2010 and will hopefully get there.
Justin Smith

Not even the wsp's are officially supported.  This is most likely why you are getting an error.  Even if you would get one of the wsp templates to work, I've seen them break when a cumulative update is applied.  Avoid head aches later and do not deploy them.  They were designed for 2007, not 2010.

There are third party companies who have developed templates for 2010.  Deploy these instead.

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Justin Smith

Good point guru.  Either way, we shouldn't advise people to install the 2007 templates in 2010.  I've done enough work for clients having issues with these templates to know this is a bad idea.

If you must go with SharePoint 2010, use the templates from the link I posted, not the ones from Microsoft.

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