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Event ID 1058 on SBS 2008 - no group policy deploying

Hi everyone,

I am having some issues with group policy deployment and can not add any new computers to the network.  This is a SBS 2008 server fully updated etc...

i found the issue but I can not seem to find a resolution.  Hoping you can help.

The error I am getting is as follows:

The processing of Group Policy failed. Windows attempted to read the file \\{my-domain}\SysVol\{my-domain}\Policies\{D7566850-CD28-4AEB-899D
-1603BBBE7D18}\gpt.ini from a domain controller and was not successful. Group Policy settings may not be applied until this event is resolved. This issue may be
 transient and could be caused by one or more of the following:

So the issue is the C:\Windows\sysvol\sysvol\{my-comain}\Policies\{D7566850-CD28-4AEB-899D-1603BBBE7D18} is not the location of the gpt.ini file...  it is actually located at C:\Windows\sysvol\sysvol\{my-comain}\Policies\{F65B9DFD-1820-464D-934E-B0B73C01839F}

How do I get the system looking in the correct location?  I have no idea how this got changed but domain join and group policy flat doesn't work right now.

Thanks a bunch!
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another it as simple as re-naming the directory??  would that break something?
renaming may cause other problems .

it is best practice to delete the "damaged" policy and re-create it. by re-creating the policy the access-right structure on the gp map is configured the right way.
interesting okay, so to delete the it just remove that directory or delete the items inside the group policy manager?
open group policy management.

open the drop down structure under Group policy objects

verify which policy is causing the problems (by comparing the unique id's ... tab details)
in this case it is the policy with id {D7566850-CD28-4AEB-899D

when you found the policy that is causing the troubles delete it but make sure you know which settings are included in that policy. probably it wont even show cause it does not have a valid source any more.

re create the policy and link it to the appropriate organisational unit (under your domain).


verify if the folder  \\{my-domain}\SysVol\{my-domain}\Policies\{D7566850-CD28-4AEB-899D
-1603BBBE7D18} still exists ... if it does maybe you have a rights issue and giving the right rights on folder and subfolders will resolve.
ok wow!  I am missing the default domain policy, some network drive deployment and printer policies that I made and have the settings backed up (in a word doc), all the update services client, common, and server policies too are gone!  The only one that still exists is windows SBS user policy.

that is some bad news...

what are the settings inside the default domain policy?  How do i recreate that?
ouch... that is some bad new indeed!

have you made a backup?

try dcgpofix to re-create the default domain policy
this link explains... i am not sure it works for SBS but i guess any help is welcome.
looks like I have backups back to october 24th, but of course when analyzing the structure the directories that I need are still gone...hopefully the client has the other backup drive somewhere going back even further.
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i did just successfully recreate the default domain policy and default Domain Controller policy...we will see if these issues iron out here after re-creating the custom policies I made for printer and network drive deployment.

will report back and thanks for the help!
update: this looks like things are ironing out right now...i am no longer getting errors on my group policy deployment, I will keep an eye on the actual client computers next and see if all the re-created policies apply.

thanks a ton for the help!
hi there,

i survived the weekend and i am curious if everything is sorted out now?

please do not forget to mark this thread as solved :)
yep i actually got word that everything seems to have returned to normal, except of course resetting the default domain policy made every users passwords expire for some reason.

But yes issue resolved!  Thank you very much!!