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Online Archiving and Indexing issues


At a few clients, we recently started enabling Online Archiving for heavy hitters. Ever since then users started complaining of bizarre indexing issues. For example, it would only have 2-3 days of content within the search results, missing sent items, etc, almost like it was freshly rebuilding the index at various times. These users never had indexing issues before the Online Archive turnup. Has anyone else ran into similar issues? These are Outlook 2010 clients that the issue is happening to.

If it helps (might not), the searches still work on OWA regardless of the client index status.

Any insight is appreciated!

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online archive are "online" and thus not indexed in outlook local search. after you do a search you should have a link to "search more" or something like that that should use the server side search including the archive
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Thanks Akhater. I understand that fact. I think I may have found the solution, it seems that with the drastic changes the OST file undergoes once getting archived, the indexing service has to rebuild it's database. Not a show-stopping issue but something to take note of when setting a user to Online Archive. Rebuilding the OST has fixed the problem for each user affected,
Looks like the issue still lurks. The problem is only happening on users added to the Online Archiving Policy. Recreating the OST works for a few days/weeks and then the index looks to intermittently rebuild on its own. At first I thought it was just having difficulty re-indexing after the contents of the OST were drastically reduced due to the online archive but it looks to be a recurring issue. Has anyone else ran into similar issues with Online Archiving?
you still didn't answer me, if what you are missing in the index are the emails moved to the online archive then it is expected since these emails are no longer stored on the PC itself
Hey Akhater - Thanks for the assistance. I think you're misunderstanding my issue. The problem is that the search index becomes corrupt often and rebuilds itself, while it's rebuilding, all of the data is obviously not indexed.

The problem is not missing content from the search results. I know that any data grabbed by the Archive Policy will not be searchable within Outlook 2010.

Is it possible that whenever the Online Archive runs, the data on the Exchange server and the OST no longer match up and this causes the search index to become corrupt? The Archive Policy isn't anything crazy, it's anything older than a year gets moved. But this would mean that the Exchange Mailbox is losing data daily. But if that were the case, there is no way I'd be the only one with this setup and experiencing this issue. Disabling Cached Mode DOES resolve the issue but this will not work for laptop users.
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The users are reporting that things are missing from their searches and constantly seeing 'index in progress' when they never used to complain before adding them to the Online Archive Policy.

I just went to check on Indexing Options and when I clicked Modify, I see this error:

Your Mailbox Has Been Temporarily Moved On Microsoft Exchange Server
You can connect to the temporary mailbox or work offline with all of your
old data. If you choose to work with your old data, you cannot send or
receive e-mail messages.
[Use Temporary Mailbox] [Use Old Data] [Cancel]

This is a user where nothing has changed in at least 2 years except for Online Archiving. I think I might be on to something. This looks like Outlook does in fact see an OST mismatch, which seems like it could be a problem if it sees that mismatch essentially every day that the Online Archive pulls away more data.
Still unable to find any solution to this problem other than disabling cache mode which isn't a viable solution for laptop users. Anyone?