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I am trying to set up an account that only has access to email. We do not want them to have access to anything else on our server. I am not sure how to do it.
Thank you
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Do not connect to domain, leave on workgroup.

Give them access to OWA via web
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ok, what do i do if they have already been connected to the domain and i do not have access to their computer?
You need to take them off the domain.

Otherwise, if you have access to the server you can change their user account rights.

ie take them out of all groups and just add mail rights.

If on domain they will still be able to browse though. Need to take off domain, turn off network discovery etc. Reduce user rights and give access to OWA via Internet.
I am sorry for all the probably basic questions but I am still learning. how do i turn off network discovery etc for the user? is it in Active Directory or somewhere else? I have removed all of the rights other then the default group permissions. should I create a new group that has no permissions? then assign that to them?
Network discovery is if they are using Windows 7 (Control Panel and Advanced Network Options).

You nned to give them zero permissions basically. However, if they will still be logging into the Domain then they will need to be members of Domain Users etc, and this is where you may run into difficulty.

Basically if you dont want them to have any access to Domain info then you really have to take them off the domain. Otherwise you will have to start with zero permissions and begin adding them 1 at a time to allow the user to log in and get on the internet but nothing else.
so are you saying i need to take his computer off the domain or remove him from A.D.? or am i totally lost.
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