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Where's WindowsFormsApplicationBase class?

I'm following this example, method 2 but doing it in C#

I have this but I cant find WindowsFormsApplicationBase

namespace Scene7API
    class cStartup : Microsoft.CSharp.// (but i dont see other methods to get me to the namespace above

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Randy Downs
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Maybe this will help

public class WindowsFormsApplicationBase : ConsoleApplicationBase

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It tells you in the article:

Public Class cStartup
   Inherits Microsoft.VisualBasic.ApplicationServices.WindowsFormsApplicationBase
End Class

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You'll probably need to add a reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll.
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I'm using C# tho...not VB. Let me add a reference to Microsoft.CSharp.dll

Now, If I use
public class WindowsFormsApplicationBase : ConsoleApplicationBase

That's WindowsFormsApplicationBase inherting from ConsoleApplicationBase....

I need (per that article) my class to inherit from WindowsFormsApplicationBase
I added a reference to Microsoft.CSharp.dll, that doesnt give me WindowsFormsApplicationBase either
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You probably don't need it.
What are you trying to do ?
start an app AND pass arguements to it ?
read the arguements passed to the current app ?
Start only one instance of an app ?
Let me try it, Emoreau
Very interesting choice of answer selection.
oh, i'm sorry. I just saw that you have the same answer at the botton of your answer. If I can reopen and divide the points, i can do that.
I'm just puzzled why you highlight you are doing it in C# and then accept an answer to use VB.
because i didnt know i can add VB dlls to C# project. I tried it and it worked.
there is nothing wrong in using the VB library in C# if it contains features you want!
>>there is nothing wrong in using the VB library in C# if it contains features you want!

Agreed - but maybe there is a simple C# way to accomplish what was required.  (One can get from A to D round a square by going A..B..C...D if one wants but maybe A..D is more suitable).

Anyway as long as it works.