How to Configure Proxy Settings for a Windows 8 Microsoft account?

Points of My Scenario:
1. I own a Windows 8 Enterprise workstation
2. I created a Microsoft account logon (using my local admin account)
3. I can only access the Internet via proxy server
4. The Microsoft account cannot logon because proxy settings are not set for it
QUESTION: How can I configure the Microsoft account to use proxy settings so that it can reach the Internet and logon?
waltforbesSenior IT SpecialistAsked:
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jhyieslaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which is what I suspected would happen...I think your best/only bet is to put that machine on the Internet directly, bypassing all of your proxy needs and this would allow the user to be created and see the MS site. Once that's done you could go back to your normal setup.

If you have another W7 machine that is directly connected to the Internet, you might try setting him up there and then transferring his user folder. I'm not sure that would work, but it would be no different than wanting to transfer user settings to a new computer that you might be installing.
Depending on what you are using for a Proxy server one or two things need to happen.  First, you may, and most likely will, need to specify the proxy IP and port addresses in the IE proxy settings. This might not be necessary if the proxy server or appliance lies in-line with your firewall.  However, what most likely will need to happen is that the user ID will have to be set as an allowed user in the proxy device.

In our scenario PC's setting in our main office don't need the Proxy settings in IE because the appliance sits in-line with the firewall whose IP address is the route out of the switch.  However, if any one is on any device as a non-recignized user, that user will NOT be allowed out to the Internet. The proxy device needs to be able to evaluate who the user is in order to apply the proper filtering. Another possible option, again depending on what you are using, is to allow the IP of the computer out to the Internet regardless of who is logged into the box.
waltforbesSenior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi jhyiesla:
1. The issue is that the user cannot change Internet Explorer proxy settings because the user cannot logon to the Windows 8 computer.

2. The reason the user cannot logon to the Windows 8 computer is because the account is a Microsoft account logon (, which must find Internet in order to logon:

3. New to Windows 8 is the ability to use a Windows Live account (public Microsoft email account) to logon to Windows - BUT...the computer must first have Internet access.

4. This computer has Internet access, but proxy settings have to be configured in Internet Explorer properties first.

5. I do not know how to configure Internet Explorer properties settings for a user account that is not first logged on.
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Do you have the ability to allow the computer out to the Internet (based on it's IP) on the Proxy server/appliance/whatever regardless of who is on?  If so, then that would give the computer Internet access.

Your next steps would then be determined by what kind of proxy you have and what the rules are.
waltforbesSenior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi jhyiesla:
1. I have already successfully connected to the Internet on this computer, but using a local user account:
2. I configured proxy settings in Internet Explorer properties to connect to the Internet successfully from this same computer (using that local user account).

3. There is no problem connecting to the Internet from this computer (once the proxy settings are configured in Internet Explorer properties).

4. I just need to be able to configure Internet Explorer properties with proxy settings for the Microsoft user account (not the local user account).

Note: the Microsoft user account is a Windows Live account (i.e., a public email account) -
This may not work since you haven't been able to logon as the MS user:

Log in as you.

Run Regedit and search for the unique fields that are your proxy settings in the Current User key.  

Make note of the keys. Should be something like HKCU\software\microsoft\currentversion\internetsettings.

Then try one of these two options:

1. Find the MS user in the Hkey_USERS area.  This may be a little difficult as the users are only identified by their SID's.  If you find the MS user do step 3.

2. Or highlight the HKEY_USERS item and choose File->Load Hive.  Navigate to the MS user's user folder under USERS on the C: drive and open the user's ntuser.dat file. This will load his hive into regedit.

3. Make the changes in the MS user's hive to mirror the settings in your hive for the IE proxy.

Again, this may not work since you've never successfully logged into the computer as the MS user.  NOt sure when the ntuser.dat file is created.

Another possibility is to put this computer directly on the Internet, which would then solve the problem of not seeing the Internet. You could then log in as the MS user and then make the necessary IE changes, log out and put the computer back on your internal network.
waltforbesSenior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi jhyiesla, I am grateful for the suggestions. Results:
1. The user does not have a hive
2. The user does not even have a folder in the C:\Users directory
Apparently, a user has to logon successfully before a folder and corresponding NTUSER.DAT file can be created for him/her.
waltforbesSenior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Thank you, jhyiesla. I am unable to move it to the Internet temporarily. I accept that my objective is not possible. Once you acknowledge this post, I will close the case (unless there are more suggestions).
You might want to leave it open for a day or so in case someone else has some suggestions. I am pretty much out at the moment.  It you're not in your IT department, you might contact them. If your request is legitimate to them, they may have a way to temporarily suspend the firewall rules that force your computer to the proxy before going out to the Internet. I know with our set up I could do that.
waltforbesSenior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Great! I appreciate the advice. I will wait for a day.
waltforbesSenior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Solution provided; although not useable due to my circumstances.
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