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Add Contact to Distribution Group Exchange 2003 Microsoft SBS 2003


We have SBS 2003. We have our Exchange setup by a POP3 connector downloading email from and sending it to an ‘Info’ distribution group.

We then add a user with a mailbox to that distribution group.
We also add contacts to the distribution group with an external Gmail or Hotmail address and this works fine.

What I want to do is to add a contact with the email address to the ‘Info’ distribution group so mail sent to is sent to and I can POP it somewhere else. I tried adding this contact to the group like a normal Gmail contact but it didn’t work. Maybe it’s because it's using the same Can this be done?

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Hello Robbie,

Yes, you are correct.

Why cant you add directly into the Distribution Group?
I tried adding this contact to the group like a normal Gmail contact but it didn’t work.
Could you please explain it? Are you saying, you are unable to add the contact to group or the mails coming to the group is not delivered to

If you are not able to add the contact to group then are you getting any error?
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Mails don't get delivered to
Does the mails get delivered if you send directly to contact? Are you getting any NDR?
Yes cos it's going to a mail server that our exchange server pops from
In that case there should not be an issue for distribution group to forward email to the contact. Can you track the email send to the distribution group using Message Tracking Center and see what is happening.
Here is the NDR...

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


Final-Recipient: x-x500;CN=John,CN=Users,DC=LAN,DC=Local
Action: failed
Status: 5.4.6
X-Display-Name: John
It seems the email is getting looped between your server and pop server..

If you have configured as a authoritative domain then creating contact with will not work.

Authoritative and non-authoritative domains
Ref :

Do you have a mailbox for on your server to collect the mails which pops from external server? If mailbox is already there then you can add that mailbox to the distribution group instead of contact (remove the contact as it will conflict with existing mailbox email address)...
Nope, is only in that contact John he's got no mailbox. I don't want him to have a mailbox. I want mail to forward to the POP server we're popping it from and he can download it into Outlook without using Exchange
In your scenario the Exchange is configured to be responsible for the e-mail domain that the external POP3 mail server is hosting. IMO if you want to add user to distribution group, your only option is to configure a mailbox to receive the mails.
Oh right, is there no other way to do this?
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