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dual monitor


We just got a new pc in the office, the video card is AMD HD 7350 on Lenovo M92p.

The card has a hdmi output and a dvi, the output from dvi is fine.  The pc has an built in video output, when I plug in the second monitor to this port, it does not work, any ideas?  thx
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When you install a video Card into a computer the on board video port automatically becomes disabled.

If you want dual monitors then you need a dual monitor video card.
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so, with ATI HD 7350 card, one port is HDMI port, is there any converter for the monitor?  thx
Hi mcmrg.
If you need to use more displays with M92P, you should buy from your Lenovo dealer, the corresponding splitter cables. It supports up to 4 displays in what Lenovo calls Mosaic.

More info at:
No you must have a video adapter that supports multiple outputs.

The adapter you have has two ports but is an either or type. Only can use one port at a time.

This is just an example of what you would be looking for

In the title it shows dual monitor support.
No your video adapter is not a dual monitor adapter.

What do you need.

Dual monitors mean that you have two screens with different information displayed on them

Splitting monitors you will see the same image on both monitors.

Which are you trying to do?
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What I am trying to achieve is two screens with extended information, not identical info...thx
yes so you need a dual monitor video adaptor to do just that.

There are plenty out there and not very expensive.
your video adaptor card will not support two monitors

So no that adapter from staples will do you no good.

As I stated above you need a dual monitor video card
I must insist.
Lenovo's DisplayPort works with up to 4 Displays

Lenovo DisplayPort splitter

User generated image
I must insist

Still need a dual video adapter before you can add any more than one.
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I guess I will have to call them...

Here is what  I have, please see the screenshot
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Also, I found this site

I also followed the steps in bios, still no luck.

There is no  'Graphics Properties' or 'Graphic Options' option on mine, but there is a Catalyst Control Center.  It only shows one monitor. thanks
If you successfully changed the bios as the support link shows, I would expect a couple of changes in your system.
1. EITHER ALL the monitors now work OR only the VGA Monitor is working.
2. The listing in Device Manager > Display Adapters will change from the screen shot you posted.

I would go into the bios configuration screen again and make sure the changes have been saved correctly (F10 key):
Select Active Video = IGD
Multi-Monitor Support = Enabled

AND do the simple checks... ensure the non working monitor & connector really works.  Take them to another computer and confirm that they work.  [I suggest this not to insult your intelligence - just that I have wasted hours in the past overlooking this simple check ]

At that point it's probably time to punt... and call support.  
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>> [I suggest this not to insult your intelligence - just that I have wasted hours in the past overlooking this simple check ]


If I used
Select Active Video = IGD
Multi-Monitor Support = Enabled
then the VGA works.  If I use the rest, the card works.  

They work fine "individually", just not "at the same time"
i think once VGA is functional (in the BIOS), then you need to enable the other monitor in the Screen  Resolution settings.
thought that might be the case...  so while trying to ask Lenovo support how to use both cards simultaneoulsy, it might be time to consider purchasing a displayport to VGA connector.

What kind of VGA monitor are you trying to connect? May need to see it is compatible with DisplayPort Input settings (all you ever want to know about DisplayPorts:
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we have different monitors in my office, the lcd I am trying to use are dinosaurs,
both Acer, one is X193w, one is AL1706

I need to make sure it "really...really" can not support dual monitors first before I go to my boss asking for the
messing with in Control Panel > Displays > Screen Resolution as suggested by tailoreddigital may be the ticket.

Good luck.
Plus, maximize productivity with support of up to three independent displays or four displays in Mosaic Mode without any discrete graphics card.†

Is this your computer?

So looking on the site they talk about Mosaic mode but not in detail

That is how they support dual monitors