MS Access How can I configure my report to stop displaying date dupes?

I have a schedule input with a query that supply's the data for the calendar report.

The query stores the data as follow's in the qryEmpTimeOff query:
etodate      empName
1/30/2013  Patrick
1/30/2013  SpongeBob

The report (frmReportByDate) will display the data twice. How can I configure my report or query to display data once under one date?

Please see sample database file.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
open report in design view
select the textbox and hit F4
look for the property "Hide Duplicate" and set to Yes
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
have you tried setting the Reports textbox property Hide duplicates to "YES"
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
I am kind of confused..  spongebob and patrick are two distinct employees that would be requesting time off even though they requested the same day off...


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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
So then with the suggestions by the previous experts it would look like this:
1/30/2013  Patrick
2/18/2013  Lavern

...isn't this what you wanted?

If not, then please post a clear graphical example of what you do want.

DJPr0Author Commented:
Yes, that looks good Jeff.

Applied the "Hide Duplicate" to yes and worked for the date.

Applied the "Hide Duplicate" to yes for the name and reason, and still displays dupes on the report.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<Applied the "Hide Duplicate" to yes for the name and reason, and still displays dupes on the report. >
This is why we always ask for sample files...

A *Duplicate* is defined as a entry (in one field) that is exactly the same as the row above it.
Not sure how you are sorting or grouping in your report, so it is difficult to say what the problem is, (or if it can be easily worked around)

Can you post a sample, following these steps:
Sample database notes:
1. Back up your database(s).
2. Combine the front and back ends into one database file.
3. Remove any startup options, unless they are relevant to the issue.
4. Remove any records unless they are relevant to the issue.
5. Delete any objects that do not relate directly to the issue.
6. Remove any references to any "linked" files (files outside of the database, Images, OLE Files, ...etc)
7. Remove any references to any third party Active-x Controls (unless they are relevant to the issue)
8. Remove, obfuscate, encrypt, or otherwise disguise, any sensitive data.
9. Unhide any hidden database objects
10. Compile the code. (From the VBA code window, click: Debug-->Compile)
11. Run the compact/Repair utility.
12. Remove any Passwords and/or security.
13. If a form is involved in the issue, set the Modal and Popup properties to: No
    (Again, unless these properties are associated with the issue)
14. Post the explicit steps to replicate the issue.
15. Test the database before posting.

In other words, a database that we can easily open and immediately see and/or troubleshoot the issue.
And if applicable, also include a clear graphical representation of the *Exact* results you are expecting, based on the sample data.

...Then I am sure any expert here can help you with this...


DJPr0Author Commented:

I already posted the sample database with my initial post.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Yes, you are correct.


I'm looking at it now...

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
OK, so then the type of report you have there now is not the best option.
(I know I made that report, but this contingency was not anticipated...)

You still need to post a clear example of the *exact* output you need, but here is a sample that does what you asked for...

Note, see step 11 in my sample db notes:
Compact the db
... your sample was 7MB.  When compacted, it was 700k (90% smaller after compaction)

DJPr0Author Commented:
Thanks Jeff.

Seems to be partially working.

When I run qryEmpTimeOff2 I receive some blanks I.E.

Jan 22 2013  (blank) (Spongebob is missing)
Jan 29 2013  (blank) (Spongebob is missing)

Jan 30 2013  (blank) (Patrick is missing)

(qryEmpTimeOff does have the missing records)

Found solution:
Set Hide Dupes to No for EmpName & ReasonText in the Report
DJPr0Author Commented:
Thanks Jeff!
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
looks like you did not even consider what was posted earlier as the solution..
DJPr0Author Commented:
Yes, I did try your solution with my existing report, but it did not work due to the format of my report.

It did work with the report that boag2000 supplied.

Thanks for your input capricorn1.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
I have no issue if you give capricorn1 some points on this.
(Please click the "Request Attention" link and ask that the points be split)
Hide Dupes was indeed first mentioned by him...

All I did was refine your requirements.
I was still not sure if what I posted is what you really wanted...


DJPr0Author Commented:
I don't see any Request Attention link.
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