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Css3pie not working in IE8

Hello Everyone!
Okay, I've used CSS3PIE on several occaisions and I've gotten it to work by employing the fixes in regards to known issues.
I've added z-indexes and relative positioning. I'm using PIE.php so as to avoid the wrong Content-Type.
The rounded corners on the read more buttons and slider nav on this home page are showing up great on IE7 but not in IE8. I've checked in and Adobe Browser Lab.

Also, can't get the rounded corners in IE7 or IE8 on this page:

Anyone see what I'm missing?

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I did a search for all "PIE" in the CSS and added a forward slash in front for the path. That seems to have fixed the events page and the slider nav.
But the home page read more buttons still won't take the rounded corners...
It's very unusual that it works in IE7 but not in IE8.

Try upgrading to the latest version of PIE.

If that doesn't work try giving "display:inline-block" to "#utility-after-content .read-more-link" as well.

Did you realize that PIE.php is being loaded twice, once each from different directories? The ".ls-lamaracustom .ls-bottom-slidebuttons a" rule loads it from a different location.
Display inline-block didn't work.
But something peculiar just happened. I went into the custom skin style sheet in the LayerSlider plugin to add the forward slash to the PIE.php (this is where the ".ls-lamaracustom .ls-bottom-slidebuttons a" is hiding out) and the rounded corners on the nav disappeared. So I removed the slash and they reappeared.

So I removed the forward slash form the PIE.php file path in my style.css stylesheet and then the events page buttons lost their rounded corners.
This may be a path issue and I'm not sure how to fix it. I have PIE.php and in my root folder, in my subdomain folder and in the folder that houses the Wordpress site for lamaraheartwell. I think it got this way from troubleshooting various sites along the way. Maybe too many?
Yes, you don't need that many. Just keep one copy in the root of that subdomain.

Try giving both "overflow:hidden" and "position:relative" to ".read-more-wrapper".
So I'm testing in Browserstack and I'm not getting any rounded corners on the homepage,
Then I refresh a couple of times and I get nav rounded corners, refresh a few more times and Now I get rounded corners on Read More buttons. Refresh again, and all corners disappear.

So I don't know if it's Browserstack or IE8 being tempermental...

Are you seeing the rounded corners on everything?
It's very strange. In IE8, if I reach the home page via the browser's back button, the rounded corners show up, otherwise they don't, including when I reload the page.

When I load a local copy of your page in IE8 (that uses a local copy of PIE.php) the rounded corners show up. Try adding this line to PIE.php after the first call to "header()":
header( 'Content-length: '.filesize('') );

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I suggest you consider how the page looks when JavaScript is disabled. For example, why is "#primary-menu" absolutely positioned? When the JavaScript isn't enabled, the slideshow below it doesn't load, so the menu overlaps the content that follows it. Even when JS is enabled, it looks strange while the page is loading.
Hi Kravimir,
thanks for the suggestion regarding the Javascript. The menu is absolutely position because of the slider layout. Notice that Lamara's head breaks the line? I had to absolutely position the menu so it can be clickable. Can't remember the details but I think leaving it static forced it under the slider making it unclickable.
If you have another solution, I'm willing to open a new question for it.
Also, I think if I make the background transparent on the top menu items and wrap the slider with a div of min height, then they wouldn't look so funny on load...Just a thought.

And now I'm beginning to think that javascript from the Slider may be interfering with CSS3pie. Since it's not happening on the events page...
I might have to make oldschool photoshop buttons...
Did the change to PIE.php make any difference?

Yes, I can suggest an alternative solution for the menu. Since you offered to open a new question, please do. (If you don't have unlimited points, a 250 point question will be fine.)

Just a thought: Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser?
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It turns out that this is a javascript issue. Finally, got an answer on the CSS3PIE forum. So closing out this question....