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HP LaserJet 8150


We have HP LaserJet 8150. The issue is - it will print then it stop printing, we need to restart the printer, then it will print again but stop after few pages. I checked the network. Its fine. Any idea? Its printer itself?

Thank you

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Kent Dyer
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Is this a new printer?  Has it worked before?  Is the print queue setup to print in batch or after each page is rendered?

Are you using a real HP LJ 8150 driver or a LaserJet 4 emulated driver for example?


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Its not a new printer - worked since yesterday. Just only one laptop use LaserJet 4 emulated driver - all other computers has HP LJ 8150 drive.

Thank you
Are there any error messages showing up on the screen or on the log file?

Has anything changed recently that you can think of no matter how small of a change it might have been?
I installed the printer to one laptop with driver laserjet 4v.
Why not install the 8150 driver on the laptop as well?  It's possible that when the 4v driver is used it is sending some incompatible information that is locking up the 8150.
U think 4V driver causing the problem?
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it was gateway IP