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Can anyone point me toward a how to or open/low cost setup that will create a website that anyone can load up a file to?

Basically, I need to create a drop box where people can submit a completed PDF file.  All the files will have the same name, so it needs to be able not to overwrite.

Just upload no browsing and changing, but I do want to be able to brand the interface so they know they are sending this to my organization.

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MikeLyons74Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found my solution.
Easy Uploader

Cost $48 and good support.  Sets all the PHP and MySql setup for us.
Ray PaseurCommented:
This one has already been "baked."  Have you looked into "dropbox?"
MikeLyons74Author Commented:
I use drop box.  Not really what I am looking for.  It is more for file sharing, not an anonymous drop off for documents.
MikeLyons74Author Commented:
Basically look for a web front end on an IIS server to allow for file upload
MikeLyons74Author Commented:
I found my own solution.
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