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Nice JQuery Effect for Page needed

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a nice JQuery effect to do the follows.

I have 8 menu catagories for page links on a page and when a user clicks on a catagory I would like it to do something fancy. There are about 9 catagories and each catagory has about 15-20 page links in them. I may put big buttons for each catagory and then when they are pressed a jquery transition is played showing the sub categories.

 I'm not 100% sure of the best page layout to go with this  yet so any suggestions would be appreciated. There are lots of jquery samples and tutorials online so pointing at one of these would be great.


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Thanks everyone,

@Walter, I love the isotope script you sent on. We're having some difficultly setting it up though. Would you like me to open a new question for this or to discuss it here?


It would be nice to be able to download the "elements complete" example (including graphcis) from website as I would only need to make some small changes to this and would have it working myself.

I downloaded the source files for this project but none of the demos have any content so it's difficult to see how they function.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Derek,

To be honest, I have never worked with isotope before, but it should'nt be hard. As long as the sortable elements have their unique tags as class it should work. But I am happy to help you. Can you provide an example?

You could turn your pages into a "book" using Turn.js and it does great:
Thank you Walter for offering to help. I am on vacation until Monday but will post what I have made then. I have more of it working now but some guidance would be appreciated.
Hi Walter, I am still working with getting the contents finalised before completing the CSS on this page. Thanks again for your offer to help.
Thanks Walter, as you had provided the solution I have awarded the pointed to you and closed the question.

I have setup another question here asking for help with isotope and if you have time to assist me that would be greatly appreciated.