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Migrating Documentum to NTFS

We need to get 2.2 million files out of Documentum.  

Ideally we'd like to export to an NTFS file director grouped and named based on metadata.

I've poked around the SQL database and understand how the data is linked to the files.  The files were originally scanned in as tif files and are being archived as bin files.  Simply renaming them allows viewing.

I was thinking a Java program could handle exporting, creating the new folders and renaming the files, but first I wanted to see if anyone has done this type of thing and see if there is an existing tool or someone knows Consultants who do this specific function.
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if I understood correctly, you are planning to carry out the export by by-passing the Documentum Content Server layer, i.e., accessing directly to the file system and database. I assume you have discarded the use of the Documentum API that exists for that purpose (namely DFC), but I will strongly recommend you to use it. If you need further information, just let me know. If you are used to Java, you can set up an operating DFC environment in a couple of hours.

In addition, you can try the export tool that these company has produced: I think you can also find similar tool in the blue fish development group:

Hope this helps.

Kind regards.
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Thanks for the information, looks like qtility may have what I need.  

I still would be interested in finding anyone who may have built their own java solution.
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Thanks for all the places to investigate, they were all very helpful
You are welcome. If you need further help just let me know. Good luck.