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How to test a 2nd AD server

Hello - I recently enabled the AD role on a Windows 2003 server on our network, that currently has one primary 2003 AD server on it, and I need it to provide backup AD/LDAP services to the network.  I don't think it's working however, and am wondering how to test it to be sure that the AD services are working properly on the server.  I say this because my Cisco ASA firewall test to the LDAP services on the server are failing (when it tests ok to the primary server), and other applications seem to have trouble with things.  So - how do I verify AD is setup correctly and syncing with the primary server, and also what is the trick to setting up LDAP on it?  thanks
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Mike Kline
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Check replication with repadmin, run dcdiag, check your logs.    

The AD replication status tool is also a nice and fairly new tool you can use


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open a command prompt and run DCDIAG
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hmm - it doesn't recognize the command.  it's making me think AD is not really running! but I do have all the AD tools and stuff...
How did you install AD on it?

Did you run DCPROMO or just install the AD Tools ?
dcdiag /e /c /v /f:c:\dcdiag.log

check log for errors.
Have you installed Windows Support tools..?
Unless you install those you wont be able to check the status of AD

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 32-bit Support Tools - Microsoft
I believe I enabled the role in Server Manager, and gave it the server CD when it asked for it.
Did you verify it is a DC, lots of ways (also look in the comments)


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thanks for the help.  it's working now.