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I need a very simple of advice on my question. I am purely into desktop support & networking and a situation has come up where I need or have to start practising Oracle SQL, I am really not good in "accounts" or "programming basics" or "HTML". But does any of these require to get start with Oracle SQL & I am not looking to develop anything but just want to learn administration & troubleshooting on oracle DB and yes of course securing my future. I am an EE member since a long time and thought if I could get a short but good piece of advice from the Experts here. I don't want links but just advices and materials on self learning. Thank you.
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ibrahim52Team LeaderAsked:
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DavidConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
My two cents, twenty years as a DBA.  A metaphor:  an automobile, in broad terms, represents three different career paths.  One may design, or engineer, the vehicle - functionality.  A second approach is to maintain, and service the vehicle - reliability.  And thirdly, we need people to operate or use the vehicle - performance.

Again in broad terms, the structured query language (SQL) is used to design, maintain, and perform in a database.  Many of us are proficient in one area and familiar with the others.  The language is just a tool -- the value comes when a problem arises, and the expert is able to identify (and fix) the root cause.

So, build a simple database from one of the many how-to sources, don't sweat the administrative stuff, and as you did with your first car, enjoy learning how to drive it.

flow01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need "HTML" , since your not aiming at developing you will not need "programming basics" unless you wil get to very complex SQL and i don't know what you mean with "accounts" (Maybe because i'm not native in this language) .
Start practising :  basic administration tasks need a  limited  set of SQL-knowledge.

If there is no database available for practise, you can download and install your "own" ORACLE XE database for practise without fear of doing anything wrong.
For self learning  I use the a combination of the the oracle documentation and searches on the internet for examples  and I partly use the questions asked in EE as practising material.

Troubleshooting : unless the troubles a re-occuring with known actions to solve the problem it will need  experience  and knowledge. It doesn't sound to me as a task for a novice.

Evaluate you activatities after a while: If you don't like it then eventually there is no future in it for you. If so , focus on something else grow your expertise.
Steve WalesConnect With a Mentor Senior Database AdministratorCommented:
Downloading and installing Oracle XE will give you something to play with, as mentioned by flow01.

That will only get you so far.

You really need to get a decent understanding of Oracle fundamentals. There's some good reading available to help you learn more about Oracle.

The Oracle Documentation Library is all linked in here: http://www.oracle.com/pls/db112/homepage

I would suggest reading the Oracle Concepts Guide first.  Maybe follow that with the 2-day DBA book

There's dozens on documents in that Library, all available for free.

Nothing replaces experience, but the above reading will get you started down the right direction.

Good Luck!
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ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
Why I asked accounts as I had seen lot of "tables" & calculations and yes mostly my existing and newly introduced application is oracle based and specially for HR & Payroll where I thought if it is a must to have a plus point for administration and troubleshoot.
Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:

technically speaking there are two streams inside oracle

the things u mentioned over here payroll, hr.. these are modules,, they would need programming,caluculations etc., stuff

the otherside of story is pure db administration.. monitoring the server where these apps are hosted.. checking disk spaces where these apps store data on server(typically called dbf) database files.. performing the back up of the database and various other stuff's which dont need programming..

choose the path on which side of the coin you want to be. later on you can start searching for the stuff you want to learn and enhance your skill on that..
ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
WasimIBM & DVZ, thanks a lot for your encouraging comments I better start referring  certification path details on oracle website for DBA and than start with free materials available on the internet installing ORACLE XE database and start playing with it. Thank you very much everyone.
DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
Glad to help.  If you would please assign points and a grade to close the ticket.
ibrahim52Connect With a Mentor Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
Yeah sure I am sorry I didn't pay attention to this. Thanks dvz.
ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
EE experts are amazing giving suggestions.
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