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unSufficient privelege to create mail box on Exchange 2010 SP2

Hello all,


I'm Facing the following screens during create mail box,

User generated image
the followng screens for the ACL

User generated image
also the following for the organization management  non selection,

 User generated image
i face all the previous error after i press restore Defaults button on the ACL by mistake,

please advice,
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are you showing the permissions of you user account there?

are you actually a member of an exchange group that should give you access i.e. org management, recipient management
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This is my member ship

 User generated image
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which group  did you mean ??
That covered it.
Do you have more than one DB to try on.
I will have to double check on my exchange system to see what the ACL's should look like
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thanks that would be very helpful ,
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I can manage every thing in the exchange except create new mail box ,

Please try after running this cmd for your user account

Get-Mailbox -database "database"| Add-MailboxPermission -User Admin -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All
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after running this command gives me error to do it on the domain controller and still the issue :( .

User generated image
its possibly not an exchange issue its permissions on the user account.
check the Security on the user account and make sure inheritance is on for that user and they include permissions that would allow you to edit that account
i agree with irweazelwallis, because your current account does not have appropriate permission to run shell cmd as well.
Did you try using admin account?
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Since you are an Organization Administrator, give a Try by running the Exchange Management Shell using the Run As Administrator option
the permissions possibility was two fold

you account having permissions - it looks like you are in the right groups which means there could be an issue with the exchange permissions


permissions over that particular user, try creating a different user in a different OU and see if there are any issues as there may be some ACL's blocking you from editing that particular user

try following through this blog article and see if the outcomes match your problem
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i run the followng commands and mail creation work Excpet several mailboxes :-

setup /pl
setup /ps

setup /p [/on:<  ----  >]

setup /PrepareAD
setup /pd

still this screen ,

User generated image
It clearly says the Property has either got a extra blank space in the starting or Ending or between causing this error

Hope there is no extra space please check its not Exchange its more of a issue on the account

- Rancy
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Thanks all , Thanks  Rancy,