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how to access a website via internet running locally on IIS of webserver

I have setup a website on my web server. I can access the site locally on webserver using the url http://local.nkarch.co.uk/home.aspx. ( Now I want to access it via internet) I am using windows 2008 web server and IIS 7.5.  I know we can setup a virtual directory on server and access the website using the IP like http://xxx.xxx.245.194/nkarch.co.uk/home.aspx but I don't want to create a virtual directory to access it.
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2 Solutions
Andrej PirmanCommented:
You do not need virtual directory.

What you need is to:
- open Windows firewall in direction INBOUND, port 80
- open your router or firewall & NAT, port 80 to point to your local server's IP 192.18.x.x, port 80

At this point your website should be accesible from outside using public IP address

What you might want to play with is in IIS --> Your Web site --> Bindings, where you will see "Host header" value. If you do NOT enter there anything, then this must be your only web site on this server, so it can be opened via IP or by name.
But if you want more web sites, then each must have "Host header" value, for example: www.yoursite.com, and files.yoursite.com etc.
That way the request from public IP (from internet) will also have "domain name" included, and depending on that value, the correct web site will react.

Of course, your PUBLIC DNS (or some free DNS) must be configured with proper A-records, so that your public domain names point to your public IP address.
Andrej PirmanCommented:
One more thing - the example you gave:

is confusing. it includes IP address, meaning the request will go to IP xxx.xxx.245.194, where it will try to access a FOLDER /nkarch.co.uk, and inside this folder it will run home.aspx application.
Confusing part is that nkarch.co.uk looks like DOMAIN name, and it contradicts logic - why would you access the publically available domain via IP?

The public link should be EITHER:
http://xxx.xxx.245.194/home.aspx (...if you do not have public DNS setup)
http://nkarch.co.uk/home.aspx (...if you DO have public DNS properly setup)
besides this you can also change the port for that specific site and can access
Roopesh ReddyCommented:

Are you on Static IP? If yes, then you can directly access with your IP Address!

If you are on dynamic IP, then you may have to consider above suggestions.

Hope it helps u...

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