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Smart Phones


This is relative to SMART PHONES.

I subscribe my phone with T-Mobile

I want to get a Smart Phone (no experience at all)

My question: Would you please recommend me related to Smart Phones (From the cheapest to the expensive one) (It will be helpful if it also carried by T-Mobile). Any opinion is greatly appreciated.

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3 Solutions
Are you looking for an android powered smartphone (open source operating system) or an IOS powered device (iPhone)?

Ranked in price are (cheapest to highest)
T-Mobile myTouch 4G (Free online, runs Android)
Samsung Galaxy S (Free online, runs Android)
T-Mobile myTouch Q (Free online, runs Android)
HTC Radar 4G (Free online, runs Android)
Samsung Gravity (Free online, runs Android)
T-Mobile Prism (Free online, runs Android)
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G (Free online, runs Android)
Nokie Lumia 710 (Free online, runs Windows Phone 7.5)
HTC Wildfire S (Free online, runs Android)
T-Mobile G2 (Free online, runs Android)
Blackberry Curve 9360 ($49.99 online, BlackBerry OS)
LG Optimus L9 ($79.99, runs Android)
Nokie Lumina 810 ($99.99, runs Windows Phone 8)
Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G ($99.99, runs Android)
Blackberry Bold 9900 4G ($129.99, BlackBerry OS)
HTC One S ($149.99, runs Android)
Samsung Galaxy S II ($149.99, runs Android)
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G ($149.99, runs Android)
Samsung Galaxy Note II ($199.99, runs Android)
Windows Phone 8X by HTC ($199.99, runs Windows Phone 8)
Samsung Galaxy SIII ($279.99, runs Android)
Nexus 4 by Google ($199.99, runs Android)

If you are looking for a great open source phone I would suggest Android; the Samsung Galaxy S II/III are great phone, the Tab is amazing and if you can find a Nexus 4 in stock it is just pure heaven in a phone.

If you want amazing security I would suggest the blackberry, I had one and loved it. It was slow which they are known for so it isn't a multiamedia powerhouse of a phone; but it is very secure.

Windows phone has nice integration if you use lots of windows systems and that is what you are used to; I am a mac person and I have even gotten to like Windows Phone 8 and the smart tiles.
DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity EngineerCommented:
why do you want  smart phone
what are you planning on doing with it

is this for email
surfing internet
video chat
remote control your PC

depends on your goals
tjieAuthor Commented:

Would you explain the following please:

1) """ Samsung Galaxy S (Free online, runs Android)"
- What does it mean with "Free Online"? [Does it mean I can get the hardware (the phone) FREE OF CHARGE?]

2) """ Samsung Galaxy S II ($149.99, runs Android)"
- Does it mean I have to pay $ 149.99 for the Hardware (the phone) ONLY? (Should I will be charged EXTRA by T-Mobile?)

3) If for example, I get the "Samsung Galaxy S"
- I have now "Samsung 2.0 Mega"
- Say it the number is 818-234-1234
- I believe there is a Sim card in my samsung 2.0 Mega
- My question: I want to keep the above number.What should I do to make the above Smart phone work? Just Swap the Sim Card. Please explain a little bit

Thank you

Those prices are for a new contract I believe so yes free would assume you are a new customer. Since you just need a phone to swap SIM cards in it will cost a little more unless you are eligible for an upgrade. Does your account say you can upgrade to a new phone? As for keeping the same number yes all you have to do is swap the SIM cards.
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