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Motherboard won't operate without VGA connection

has anyone had experience with a motherboard not operating unless a VGA monitor connection is made?

i have a VIA pico-itx sized board that i want to run without keyboard, mouse, and monitor.  if i plug in the monitor, everything works great.  i unplug the monitor and the board shuts down.

i examined the BIOS and have the "headless" option set to enabled, but that doesn't help.

any ideas?  thanks.
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Rob Miners
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If your handy with a soldering iron you can make your own or pick one up from eBay.

VGA Dummy Plugs
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thanks - was hoping it was a BIOS setting or something of the sort.  i'm hoping the manufacturer has a jumper setting for it.  it's strange to me that an embedded board would required a VGA monitor to operate.
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Nice pickup, good luck :)
The motherboard wasn't receiving enough amps.  swapped out the power supply.