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need office for my imac

Hi ,
 I need office for my imac , I tried installing Microsoft office but its not getting installed .
is there any other office for mac
please advice
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OpenOffice is a great alternative.

I set this up for people and companies all the time.   By default it'll use it's own file formats but in the settings you can have it use Microsoft formats by default (.xls  and .doc).   It natively can handle the newer formats  .xlsx and .docx.   Oh and it's free
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so whats a use of buying mac office ?
can you please let me know the difference between open office and Microsoft office for IMAC .
as I am confused that should I buy office for my mac or no
please advice
OpenOffice isn't exactly like Office, but is a great Office alternative.    A lot of software has alternative competitors that serve the same digital needs, just a different interface (i.e. Soundbooth,  Record and Protools are all great multitrack programs).   Some have a few more features than others, all can basically get the job done).  

Many companies and individuals are using OpenOffice now.   I don't think Microsoft is too happy about it.   Next week i'm installing OpenOffice for a small company of 25.      

I thought you already had office? You said you tried to install it but it wouldn't install. Please clarify. Also what version of Office were you trying to install?

Whether you need MS Office or can get away with Open Office depends to a certain extent on what you intend to use it for. Do you just need low level word processing? Do you need a spreadsheet, presentation software or a database? Do you need to connect to an Exchange Server? Do you need to collaborate in creating documents with other users?
I tired installing Microsoft office for windows .
I need outlook ,wana share contacts calenders etc (same features we use in office for windows )
please advice
OpenOffice doesn't have an Outlook alternative.
what else difference are there if we compare open office , neo office with Microsoft office?

please advice
can I have a comparison chart between open office and Microsoft office ?
Maybe we should figure out what the current problem is with your Office.    I think Strung is pointing you in the right direction,

"I thought you already had office? You said you tried to install it but it wouldn't install. Please clarify. Also what version of Office were you trying to install?"

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I have LibreOffice installed on my MacBook Pro and I like it.  I also have it on several PCs.   It was a project derived from OpenOffice when OpenOffice had some problems a couple of years ago.  The Apache Foundation has now picked up OpenOffice but I haven't tried a new version yet.
If your office is using Exchange Server 2007 SP2 or newer, you can get your office mail and share calendars and contacts using the built-in Mac Mail, Contacts and Calendar apps. You might want to give that a try before spending money on MS Office.

You could then use Open Office for your word processing (it is free) or purchase MS Word for Mac with is cheaper than purchasing the whole office suite.
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