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exchange 2010 cannot be installed in sbs2011

I have a problem when installing exchange 2010 in sbs2011. A little background info, i had a sbs2008 domain which i planned to migrate to sbs2011. I had an extra domain server running backup DC, DNS and DHCP. My sbs2008 server crashed before is could migrate to sbs2011. Using the migration file with input from my backup DC (had to remove my old SBS2008 DC from AD first) i made a new clean install of SBS2011. I had my old domain back minus Exchange 2010.

i tried reinstalling exchange 2010 using setup with the switch /m:recoverserver but the installation keeps crashing (see attached log file). Can anyone point me in a direction how to fix this?

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Exchange is installed during the installation of SBS. You shouldn't be installing it separately.
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I didn't. Normally it is being installed during the installation but it wasn't installed and the SBS manager installation issues said "Exchange 2010 cannot be installed" which was after the installation was completed
Whatever blocked exchange from being installed initially will continue to block it now. You should have referred to the initial sbs logs and fixed that problem. Did you run the premigration tools to update the AD schema for exchange 2010?
A good point. I run the premigration tool, also used it to get the migration file.
Problem seems to be that within AD (migrated that from my old domain) there are several referance to my old mailserver. Don't know how to clean/remove old exchange entries within AD
Those would not usually cause install failures.
What can then be the problem?
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I had the same issue. I needed to call Microsoft and it took them over 2 hours to get it installed and stable. The biggest issue you will face is the product key. Microsoft knows how to install it to circumvent this concern.
I finally decided to start from scratch. I had tried to first reinstall Exchange 20087 based on the old situation but that made it worst.
Ran a new clean install (first removed my domain) and everything installed fine. Install media turned out to be fine in the end.
My case i hereby solved. Thanks for you input!

Sorry I could not be of more help. In thelong run a clean install is often best.