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Windows 7 Can not connect to Microsoft Website

I have a windows 7 workstation on our domain, that had to have  windows 7 pro reinstalled.  Can connect to the domain and to several sites on the internet, but can not connect to microsoft to do windows updates.  I notice that the machine connects to the website with internet explorer 8, but can not receive a reply from the websites.  

Can access google and some of the links.  

Tried disabling windows firewall, but still unable to connect to many websites.  No antivirus programs installed yet either.  Drive was reformatted and windows 7 was installed clean.

Not sure what might be causing this.  DNS and DHCP looks fine.  All other stations on network connect fine and this machine connects to the network and shares fine.
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"can not connect" is pretty vague.  Please elaborate.  The windows event log will probably reveal exactly what is going on.

what does IPCONFIG /ALL report?  [Run this from the MSDOS command box] - maybe routing not set up properly?
you should check if you have a fake in your local resolver cache

you shouldn't be using ie8 anymore you should have a browser choice installed as M$ have introduced silent automatic updates to the latest version I recently installed a windows 8 machine for a customer and got a support question ie has disappeared but it hadn't instead the user didn't notice on the right (off the screen) she had a browser choice tile instead of an ie tile as where the ie tile had been it was now blank

also how are you running windows update its now in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System
down on the left
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" I notice that the machine connects to the website with internet explorer 8, but can not receive a reply from the websites. "
Could you please explain this?

Any reason not to use IE9?

Is your Flash Player up to date?
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Thanks Davis..
I ran a couple of scans and the first one found before reformatting an reinstalling, a file win32/trojandownlader that it cleaned and deleted.  Sorry I can not remember the exact name, I don't have it with me.

I will try the rogue killer and see if that finds it.  Malwarebytes did not find it after the reinstall.  I was previously running Eset for virus protection.

One on the comments said I need to install flash player, but I should be able to connect to without that I would think?  

I will run another scan and see if that picks up anything.  I will also reboot our gateway incase there is a bad route saved in the cache.
run a tracert as well..


Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  5     *       43 ms    42 ms
  6     *       68 ms     *
  7    71 ms    70 ms    68 ms [
  8    95 ms    94 ms    94 ms [

It wasnt replying after # 8 but it shows me that it got to Microsoft..

Also try running this :
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tracert does not work through our asa.  icmp I believe is disabled in the router.
With several Trojans, unless you delete all of the partitions, cycle power, and then do a fresh install. the MBR or boot code instantly gets reinfected from the ram resident portion.  Most of the time RogueKiller detects them.
No, you shouldn't need Flash to access MS.
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Thanks Davis..I will give that a try and let you know what happens
Check you hosts file for any rogue entries that would block access to MS sites
It's a hidden read-only text file

you should check start run cmd and type ipconfig /displaydns I suspect fake entries
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Thanks Davis.....

Rouge Killer found 3 registry entries and that seemed to fix the problem...

The trojan I believe was trojandownloader.vespula.AY.  Not sure how it got on the machine, but Eset and Malwarebytes did not clean it.

Really appreciate your help!!!