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Internet speed reduce if behind firewall

Today one of my client is upgrading their internet plan to more high speed and the download speed is 20 MB ,but we do a test in LAN PC ,the speed we can get is 13MB only but i do a test infront of firewall ,that is no Problem and we can get 20MB ,may i know what are the possible cause for this issue ?
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All hardware firewalls have a max limit on throughput speed. 13 meg sonds very low, but it may be your max speed. You can look up the specs of your firewall to verify the throughut max. Your internet connection is probably  7 to 20 down and .768 to 6 up.

You didn't specify what firewall you have.

Most firewalls have a max speed between 100 & 400 Megs. Enterprise firewalls will go higher.
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Safe@office 500
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Your firewall's specifications say that it can handle traffic far faster than you're getting.

Perhaps you have aggressively set the protection it offers?  Have you tried turning SmartDefense to Minimal, turning of VStream, and disabling the subscription services, to see if any of those are what's causing your slowdown?
going on these specifications, the firewall can handle the throughput, but I would suggest checking what level of packet inspection you are performing on the firewall as this can impact throughput
Please guide me how to check what you mention about
Packet shaping can be a cause for that or rules in firewall ? What is packet shaping ?
Review the manual for the firewall.  You can find it here:
You need to check if any policing or bandwith is set on the firewall inteface.