SBS 2008 - Change external domain name and import mailboxes into Exchange 2007

Hello -

We are merging with another company and need some help figuring out the best way to change email addresses over to the new company while still being able to accept email to the original company for awhile.   Looking for the EASIEST way for accomplish this quickly, even if it's an interim solution.

Scenario - Company 1 (AP) will be changing name to Company 2 (LS)

Company 1 (AP)
Has SBS 2008 server with Exchange 2007
Internal domain = ap.local (I realize we can't change this and will leave as is)
External domain =
Uses MXLogic for spam filtering
Uses RWW and OWA

Company 2 (LS)
Has outsourced IT.   Don't know much about this yet...will talk to them this week
Email on Exchange (not sure version) hosted at outsourced IT company
External Domain name = (has hosted website that needs to stay intact)

After doing a little research, here's what we've come up with.    We'd like to see if we're thinking along the right lines and whether or not there is an easier/better way to accomplish this.

Change AP email addresses to LS
1.      Determine size of LS mailboxes and verify space on AP SBS 2008 server
2.      Add to AP SBS 2008 server using following procedures
3.      Address SSL certificate for -  do we even need the AP SSL anymore if just receiving email with this domain?    If not, we can just run Add a Trusted Certificate to add SSL certificate?
4.      Add LS users to AD on AP SBS 2008 server
5.      Figure out how to add at MXLogic and move AP users over to this
a.      Configure to pass through to AP SBS 2008 Exchange server
b.      Can we have one MXLogic for AP and one for LS and both go to AP SBS 2008?
6.      Add LS users to MXLogic
7.      Change MX records at LS Domain registrar to point to MXLogic
a.      need to research and address downtime for current LS email users
8.      Setup LS clients – Outlook Anywhere (will not need this after VPN is setup and LS clients joined to domain
9.      Export LS users mailboxes (Find procedures for this)
10.      Import LS users mailboxes into AP SBS 2008 Exchange (See link above for procedures)
11.      Change AP employees email signature to include FKA AP
12.      Address/verify OWA and RWW connectivity – when you add to SBS 2008, it makes it the primary domain.  Does it also make it the domain? used for RWW and OWA
a.      Use (NEED to make sure still goes to LS website ( host IP))
i.      Create zones ( and ? (check AP Domain registrar for others)) at DNS registrar and point to AP external IP address
13.      What does this look like for AP employees with two mailboxes?   How to switch back and forth in Outlook?  When we are done with AP email address, can we merge AP and LS mailboxes?

Thanks for any help.
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Cris HannaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm replying to items, probably in no particular order.
13.  Why do you think AP users will have two mailboxes?   You're continuing to use the AP SERVER as the main server correct?  So when you run through Sean Daniels blog for hosting multiple domains, the existing mailbox will have two SMTP addresses, and, not two mailboxes

12. You'll need to re-run the wizards on the SBS server to setup the server to have remote access and owa names change to, and this will make set the primary email domain of

can't help you much with the MXLogic to call mcafee to determine how that needs to be set for both domains.

The company will have to live with whatever the internal domain for the SBS 2008 is named, without a complete reinstall.

4.  Make sure users are added to the domain using the SBS 2008 Console AFTER you've added the second domain.

Otherwise looks like things are covered pretty well.
tempadminAuthor Commented:
Hi Chris and thanks for your reply.

One more quick question and then I will close this out and accept solution.

Because the internal domain name must remain AP.local, what does this affect:
- When sending email internally, would you ever see the address user@ap.local, or would any email sent after changing external domain to show as
- Would we only see ap.local at login?

Just want to be aware of the consequences of not doing a rebuild to be able to change the internal domain name while changing the external domain name.  

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