fake money


Need help creating a word document that has four fictitious denomitions of maui money.
First four are the front and last four are the back of the bills.

Denomitions need are:
1) $20
2) $15
3) $100
4) $1000

Also, needs to have the word "Maui" on it.
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Use text boxes over the parts of the bills that you to add the names and denomitions!
TrueBlueAuthor Commented:

is there a border that looks like money that can be added to the word document?
Personally I would create the images in an image editor first, and then insert them into the Word document.  Recent versions of Microsoft Office do have much more advanced internal image editing functions than the older version (2003) that I still use as a preference, but I still think you will have much more control over the elements by creating the images outside of Word.

Of course, not everyone has a variety of installed image editing applications with enough features to create overlapping layers, watermark textures, etc, etc.  There are websites that allow you to create composite images and then save them out.  For example you can sign up for a free account at sites like http://imikimi.com which provides loads of editing tools.

It all depends on your intended audience and the realism and complexity you need.  Primary School pupils obviously wouldn't need anything as complex and realistic as adults would to identify an image as a bank note.

As a general observation, however, in real life different denominations of bank notes are designed to look different so as to make instant recognition easier.  Small denomination notes are often smaller and less complex in many countries.  What you have is 4 "images" that look exactly the same, and the only difference will be the text showing the values.

Personally I would have a different background colour for each and a different set of symbolic icons for each.  The chieftain or king may or may not be a particularly notable person, but if you used a different chief and different types of fish for each note it would make them more easily distinguishable.  Better still, use a chief and divers for one, a palm and an outrigger canoe for another, a volcano and a turtle for another, and so on.

The images on bank notes are usually illustrations rather than actual photos, but in many cases they are so finely done that they can appear photo-realistic to a degree.  As an example, look at the kneeling man on the right of this old banknote:

I found the following pages that describe how some of the old Hawaiian bank notes have been lovingly recreated as framed artwork by Dennis Fitzgerald:
(note the top left one in this framed group is the colourful version of the 1895 one linked to at the end of the previous paragraph and the artist has changed a few things)

Those are particularly colourful and fit more into the vibrant theme you seem to be aiming for.  I think you could easily get a similar feel in a "fake" banknote without necessarily being too complex, but to make the images more instantly recogniseable as currency, I think you need to apply some layout "rules".

I would say that you need to create 4 uniform numbers in little boxes for each corner of the notes with the values, and then you need to have that same value written as full text in a ribbon or somewhere central.  Your two iconic images of man in national dress and fish over a coral reef should really be at either side of the notes and probably vignetted either in oval solid coloured frames, or fading and merging into the background texture or colour at the edges of an oval "mask".  You usually have a defined border on banknotes, and this could be something as simple as two parallel lines, or made more complex as a scroll or ribbon.

For images there are various free image editing applications that can apply simple transforming filters to photos to make them look like paintings, charcoal drawings, newspaper images, or even "cartoonized".  Most image editing applications have options to apply a texture to a background colour, whether by spraypainting and spreading the pattern or by making a water ripple or similar.  Often the applications aimed more at amateurs and young people than the expensive "pro" applications have interesting effects that can be achieved without any skill level or learning curve.

You can usually find images on the internet of blank picture frames that you could stretch or squash to form a border for the note, and then insert your other components inside it.  Even fairly basic free image editing applications sometimes come with picture frame objects and scroll ribbons, etc.

Are you interested in any further suggestions, or are you happy with using text in text boxes?

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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
As BillDL mentions, you cannot really do graphic design in a Word document - You ask 1) how to add text, that's easy enough and  2) add a realistic border, not really available in Word.

Adding a graphic border and other features of a banknote well is beyond the capacity of the functions found in Word. If you are hard pressed, you might have better luck with PowerPoint...

But the best option is using  a proper graphics/image editor. There are simple ones like Paint (included with Windows), intermediate ones like Paint.NET and more advanced like GIMP or Photoshop. However if you have never used this type of software, you have to invest the tiime to learn!

The approach is to make a banknote template, then create different denominations from the basic template!
Thank you TrueBlue
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