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How to make Wireless video camera network for sports?

Hello I am trying to make a wireless Video network for a handball sport.  I want to be able to record and play back video from three different camera angles.  I just don't know what to buy and how to set up the network?  I also would like the video format to be able to work with the adobe Primere pro.
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look at security camera systems - there are a lot of them an most you can connect almost any camera.
Wireless is not ideal as the bandwidth isn't very good, plus you need to get power to the camera anyway so you may as well have a data or video cable going to it as well, or power over Ethernet.
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I've bought a considerable amount of stuff from these guys, if you contact them and tell themn what you are wanting they will take the time to help you get just exactly what you need.

I would suggest a 4 camera DVR setup, using powered cameras as suggested by wolf.  The possibilities are limitless and you should be able to find something affordable to meet your needs.
The above posters have presented one view. If it's not for live streaming, you have another option of regular video cameras with storage. The footage can then be synced with software, like premiere or vegas.
Have a look at the wireless kit from Ubiquiti ( it has good specs, its robust and inexpensive. i use UBNT Bullets and Nano-Loco's to provide a WLAN at motocross meetings and they are easy to deploy, robust enough for my environment, reliable and i have no connection problems
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Okay some of these ideas sound good.  But we need to remeber this will be for a sports event so HD is a must to be able to get all of the action.   The range of one court is only length of  40 ft and 20 ft wide so the range isn't that bad.  What I would like to know is what will I need to buy to create the network?
If you go to thru the dvr setup, you need cables or wireless cameras and power supplies, the cables will need to be long enough to reach whatever distance you want to cover.  
A standard cable connected camera will have one power supply cable and one video cable to reach the dvr.

YOu will need one monitor to connect to the dvr.

You will want one mouse, and one keyboard.    

ONly other items would be whatever you want to use to copy the video from the dvr to the computer.  I would suggest dvd burner in the dvr, or an external hard drive.  Your choice depending on quantity of video at one time.
For that kind of size,
a) Wired will be more difficult to deploy/undeploy but much simpler.
b) Wireless will be easier to deploy, but will require power at each camera point etc

If you want to go wireless, use IP camera's (the UBNT camera's are OK, but the software needs a few months to stabilise) and UBNT Pico stations. Use a Point-to-Multipoint Bridge setup
What do you mean by the software needs a few months to stabilise?
The current version 1 AirVision software that comes (Free) with the hardware has some issues and Version 2 has not been released yet (due anytime soon)
Do you know if the hardware will work with Adobe Primere.
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