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OWA issues

I'm running Exchange 2010 via SBS2011.  My Remote Web Workplace works fine remotely and internally.  However OWA does not.  I must add https:// in the beginning of the url in order for it to work.  If I don't, I get the 'Problem Loading Page' error.

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You should be accessing owa by https://   only .

Have you installed a trusted certificate.


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yes using a GoDaddy 3rd party UCC SSL
Had you checked the provided link ?
Reading it now.  What's unusual is that internal to the LAN, whey you type it goes to the proper website, but external to the lan, it does not and requires you type https:// in front of it in order for it to work.
Seems that you are publishing OWA on TMG or another firewall.... make sure that http port 80 is forwarded to exchange server...

but again it is not a good idea to access it without https.

If the firewall is TMG, you need to create a deny rule to redirect
It's a sonicwall TZ200.  Port 80 shows open via port checker.
try to telnet from outside to exchange public ip on port 80?
I just rechecked and port 80 is showing closed.  what the heck?
Check the firewall, and if you enable http, make sure to confure http to https redirection as per the above link.
when I check the bindings in IIS they all point correctly.
and the sonicwall firewall ? does it configured to forward http traffic to exchange server ?
I'm not a sonicwall expert but it looks right
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You've got to be right.  I'm gonna call Sonicwall.
Had to create a NAT policy in Sonicwall that went from Public IP to Private open.  Opened Port 80 then could access OWA successfully.,