mp3 player recommendation

Can anyone recommend a good mp3 player with the following features:
1. Bluetooth
2. Physical buttons (as opposed to a touch screen)
3. Holds more than 32gb (either internally, or via a memory card)


(PS: if this does not exists, I'd consider something with a touch screen.)
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I don't know of a player that comes with bluetooth built in, 32+GB built in, and physical buttons, but consider the Sandisk Sansa Fuze.  Doesn't have bluetooth, but you can plug a little bluetooth adapter (lots of people make them) into the headphone jack.

You can get the Fuze in 4GB or 8GB configurations, and it will accommodate a microSD/microSDHC card, for additional capacity.

It has physical buttons.
etech0Author Commented:
Can you direct me to a good bluetooth adapter? It would be nicer if it could be built in, but if not...
Sure, consider the TaoTronics TT-BA01 , or the GOgroove BlueSense .  Both under $25, available at Amazon, etc.
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etech0Author Commented:
Hmmm... They don't have such great reviews.

Is there a mp3player with bluetooth and a high capacity of memory, and a touch screen?
You mean like an iPod?
etech0Author Commented:
I guess, but not Apple. Is there such a thing?
Dozens, if you don't care about touchscreen, you could just Google MP3 player with Bluetooth and you'll be off and running.
etech0Author Commented:
I found lots, but I haven't yet found one that holds more than 32gb. Do you know of any?
Consider a Zen m300.  Up to 40gb with an SDcard (8 onboard, plus 32 on card); bluetooth, and you even get video.
Where did you want use this?
What I use is this mp3 player for my car( FM Digital Transmitter )
Very cheap in itself just the extra USB stick, but they come cheap too.
Buy a USB stick with a higher capacity for storage.
plug it into the cigarette lighter and then tune the FM station to it.
I bought a USB stick for it and that holdes 75 gig if memory servs me, it holds a lot
Plug the USB stick  in teh PC so I can upload from my music from PC to the USB stick
plug the USB stick into the mp3 player
It even has a remote control.
A small display shows the tracks, when you put your mp3 onto the USB stick leave them as is mp3.
This one is pretty similar to the one i have
 Bluetooth Car Kit MP3 Player FM Transmitter Modulator+Remote Control USB/SD/MMC
They are all bluetooth compatible?? Comes with a cable. But check them out
Video helps to show you how it works
There is so many available
All of these do the same more or less click on an image with one that suites you
if this is in the area your looking for let me know more details and I'll try and show the right model.
etech0Author Commented:
This is not just for the car, so a FM transmitter would not work. I will look into the Zen.
Ok, the suggested Zen is very good, there is so many to choose from now, the bigger memory the more battery it will use? How you want to use is a key, and where.
This is also very good
Insignia Pilot MP3 Player
For your browsing pleasure in one place, there is 10 pages I started with 9
Who Makes The Best Mp3 Player

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etech0Author Commented:
Thanks for all your ideas. I will do more research and decide.
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