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SharePoint 2007 List - 51th item onwards to be tagged as "late"

Hi all,

I have a list that I like the 51th item onwards to be tagged as status=late and send an email to the creator using SP workflow saying they are late.

How can I do that with SharePoint Workflow?

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How are you determining what the first 50 items are?
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First 50 records or items in the list.

It's a brand new list, entries will be added
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How do I do this in SP designer 2007?
I guess I'm just not understanding the purpose. Yes you could tie it to the ID which auto increments by 1 for each new item. If it is a new list then the first 50 items will be ID'd 1-50 and it will be easy with SPD to setup a workflow to mark the rest late but this won't work going forward. Everything added to the list in the future will be marked late immediately. Is that the desired goal? Or are you thinking you could delete one of the first 50 and then the previous 51st item would not be late anymore?

To just have a workflow mark the 51st item on at late you would open SPD and create a new workflow on that list that will run on new item created.
create a condition that checks if ID > 50 if so then select the Update a field in the current item action and set the field to late (or whatever you want it to be)
Your first sentence is correct.

When the list reach 50 items. However if someone deletes the first 3 items, the list now have 47 items.

I need a counter.
Can you explain more in plain English not technical terms what you are trying to accomplish. I feel there is probably a better way to go about this or I am completely misunderstanding the goal. The way I'm interpreting this your newest items added to the list would be marked late and as they sit in the list longer they become not late.

I also don't think you want a workflow, I think it sound more like you just want a custom dataview.
I have a SharePoint 2007 List whereby my users can add records to it.

It is currently empty.

When each record is being added to the list by any user, no action is required by the system.

Once the number of records reaches 50, the 51st record that is added - the user will get an email saying that "there's a limit to 50 in this list, and yours is put on hold"
Thank you, that actually helps me greatly. I don't know of a way you could do that easily with SharePoint Designer and a workflow. (You may be able to by creating another list and then updating a count in their with every update and delete but I don't like solutions that run multiple workflows and tracking the deletes might be tougher than it seems)

You could do it with a visual studio workflow though. There may be a custom action available for SharePoint Designer at this point to count list items but I don't think there is a way out of the box.

Do you have access to infopath so you could use that as your list form? If so you could accomplish what you want right on the form and let the user know even before they submit the request that when submitted it will be put on hold.
i do not have infopath.

just thinking of using SP designer to do this
well with infopath you can query the list to get a count of the number of items in and then use the result to decide what to do. I don't know how to do that with a sharepoint designer workflow. I would need it to be visual studio to get it to work in a workflow
Anyone knows?