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Stop images from being dragged.

I'm using <input> to contain images because <inputs> don't start being dragged like <img>'s do.  

I did this in particular for a situation where a drag clone is made to appear over a static "drag template" image.  I needed to stop the static drag template image from dragging.   All in non-library javascript, which is how I want it to work.  There's a lot of custom code and variable conditions determining what can or cannot be dragged on the page.

Might there be another way to deal with this problem of images being dragged?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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Big Monty
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if you can put a div around the images, you can then do something like this:

<div id="myDiv" onmousedown="return false;">
   <img src='abc.gif' />

To totally protect images, watermark them. As soon as you display them on your page and someone visits it, it's been downloaded, so any script won't protect an image.
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Thanks the input.   I tried variations on this:

<div id="GR_BA999" onmousedown = "return false;">
<img src="../../App_Images/DnDNewBoundary.BMP" alt="" width="35px" height="20px" onmousedown = "return false;"/>

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However none of that stopped the image drag.   Here's a more complete description of the situation, and also a solution to that immediate problem.

I was hoping for something simpler because putting the image in an input has side effects.
not 100% sure, but I don't think you're suppose to have spaces in a tags attribute, so change

<div id="GR_BA999" onmousedown = "return false;">


<div id="GR_BA999" onmousedown="return false;">
Thanks for input.  Tried it: no change in behavior.
not sure then, as that really should work. I would suggest click the Request Attention feature to see if there other experts who may be able to help.
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Robert Schutt
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Thanks for the input. The ondragstart = "return false;" worked.  Big help.   That gives me more flexibility  And, it also worked inside the div, so more flexibility still.

I appreciate the comments on copying images;  that was not the concern.  The images in question are little diagram graphic icons, nothing special about them.

These graphics sit in header bar at the top of the diagram space, where they can be dragged (via a clone) onto the diagram.  The issue was that between the time I would mousedown on the "static/non-moving" graphic, and the time that the drag clone was positioned and made visible, the system would start dragging the static graphic, which would interfere with the drag clone operation.

Nice to get that fixed without having to make the static graphics into inputs.  Grazie!