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ZFS: change ssd mirrored disk to laptop disk


Please see

Practical questions:
*howto be alerted on Nexenta when an alert occurs/disk goes down (didn't see one)?¨
*howto follow status of rebuild of disk (can't see it)? I'd need to remove the other ssd too in order to swap to 2nd laptop disk
*laptop disk in Sharkoon isn't blinking, should it or should it only when it's back online (sata disk is showing correctly in overview of disks -after reboot-)?

note, found that via command line show volume, the sysvolume shows degraded.

Please advise.
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But most important for me now: should I take action when replacing the disk? syspool seems to be in degraded state, I expected that Nexenta will recover the disk, maybe I should wait longer? Don't see where to check that.

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did you remove the disk first? from the pool before actually removing?
No, I wanted to have a disaster recovery scenario (no vms on zfs so safe). Btw, could/can not remove disks from syspool in gui.
I decided to start all over/reinstall.
Regarding 3 nics: couldn't I assign 1 nic for CIFS? That way I could run my backup of Synology nas to my ZFS without impacting network ...?
... and blinking cursor ... on Nexenta!
Switched all my ssd's, all my laptop drives. Sigh.
Note: on ssd's (which now will be cache/log) was os Nexenta. Maybe it got mixed up there? Decided to remove them for installation of OS (yes, I had the warning of different disk sizes) and start all over again.
And I did UNPLUG the external DVD-rom instead of taking out the dvd. Will leave dvd attached after reboot now.
Note: Nexenta manual says to use 2 same sized disks. Not sure if this could be root cause/causing issues.
Exactly the same! Blinking cursor, argh!
I'll install on 1 disk instead of mirror now.
if mirroring any file system, it's always recommend to use the same size disks.
Maybe it is related to order of disks?
SSD's were always on top of list, these laptop disks are listed on bottom of list ...?
Exactly the same with 1 disk!!!!!!!!!
Back to scratch.
Will again try to install to 2ssd's in mirror.
Even with SSD's ... blinking cursor!
Removed all disks now, besides 1 and reinstalling.
And again the same!

Please advise!!
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