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problem in UID's in mounting a partition using NFS

Hello All,

I have one nfs share need to mount on a client with same uid and user - is it possible ..because on client there is already a user with same UID with diff name.
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Yes, that's possible, because names are irrelevant here.

You should be aware that the share's files/dirs will appear on the client machine as being owned by the user as named on that client, but will still appear on the server as being owned by the user as named on the server.

Running an "ls -ln [...]" against the share will exhibit the files/dirs as being owned by the same UID on both sides, however.
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Okay let me explain:

DIR A is in Server and owned by UserA:Sysgroup   (UID 2001)

When mounted on Client

DIR owned by nobody:sysgroup

Note: On client there is no UserA but yes UserB is there with same UID 2001

Hope it helps u to understande and pls advice how to reoslve it- as i dont want to touch USERB but need same UID to show as its a need of application
This is implausible.

If there is a user B on the client with UID 2001 then DIR owned by UID 2001 on the server will show up as owned by user B and not by "nobody" on the client.

Please recheck: What do you see with "ls -ln DIR" on server and client?

Which NFS versions (3/4) are in use?
On Client


ln -ln dir gives

So DIR is owned by UID 99 and not by UID 2001.

Is UID 99 also available on both sides?

And with NFS version I meant to ask for the protocol version, not the software version.

By the way, a possible scenario where an exported share can show up as being owned by "nobody" is when the share has been exported using the option "all_squash".
yes but on server its owned by 2001 only  and it shared as (rw,sync) only now i want 2001 on client also ...99 is nobody and available on both but we need 2001 UID to be the owner on clinet
>> shared as (rw,sync) only  <<

Do you see the above with "mount" on the client or by examining /etc/exports on the server?

"all_squash" along with several other options does not show up with "mount".

Could it be that your users are defined via NIS?

In this case you must add to or change in  /etc/idmapd.conf on the client:

Method = nsswitch

(NFS V4 only)
Yes on server /etc/exports - Folder shared as (rw,sync)only

No users are not defined as NIS and no change also done for any particular user in NFS also.

Still you want me to make changes in /etc/idmapd.conf ...and what service need to be restart or change after that?

Client File below(Its RHEL 6.2):


Nobody-User = nobody
Nobody-Group = nobody


# Translation Method is an comma-separated, ordered list of
# translation methods that can be used.  Distributed methods
# include "nsswitch", "umich_ldap", and "static".  Each method
# is a dynamically loadable plugin library.
# New methods may be defined and inserted in the list.
# The default is "nsswitch".
Method = nsswitch

# Optional.  This is a comma-separated, ordered list of
# translation methods to be used for translating GSS
# authenticated names to ids.
# If this option is omitted, the same methods as those
# specified in "Method" are used.
#GSS-Methods = <alternate method list for translating GSS names>
# The following are used only for the "static" Translation Method.

# A "static" list of GSS-Authenticated names to
# local user name mappings
idmapd.conf looks OK so far.

What's in its "[General]" section under  "Domain="? Should be your local domain name.

Restart rpc.idmapd on client (and server, who knows?) after making changes.

Is this daemon running at all?
# The default is the host's DNS domain name.
#Domain =

restarting rpcidmapd will it effect other services?
No, not as far as I know. But I think you should umount the share (if possible), then restart idmapd, then mount the share again.
sorry for delay in response hard luck still same problem :(
I have tried same u adviced ... On server restart service rpcidmapd
than on client umount the point than restart rpcidmapd service than again mount but still same proble nobody is picking
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If you don't want to touch UserB, you could change the UID of UserA on the server, and create a UserA with the same new UID on the client.
Many Thanks