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Out Of Office does not turn off when the 'end time' is reached

Recently a number of users have noticed that the out of office assistant is not working correctly. The feature which allows you to specify a time range to send out of office replies does not stop working when the 'end time' is reached.

So far I have identified this happening on a couple of PCs running Windows 7 / Outlook 2010
I have tried to replicate the problem on a machine running XP / Outlook 2007 but this seems to work fine
Everything is ok via OWA

The Server is SBS2008 running Exchange 2007

Any ideas?
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are they setting the time for internal and external addresses the same?
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I believe that in Outlook 2010 you can set a different message for internal / external but that the time range is the same for both, is this correct?
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Is there some GPO policy for Outlook 2010 or Win7 machines\software ?

- Rancy
Hi Rancy

There is a GPO for Office 2010. It is very basic and does the following;

> Disable cached mode for public folders / shared folders
> Disable auto archive

There is also a policy to disable auto archive in 2007.

Nothing specific for Windows 7
Out of Office is a Server-Side process, so it really shouldn't matter which email client/operating system you are using.

When you say you tested on an XP machine, was it with the same user account?

Also, what do you mean by "everything is ok via OWA"?  How is it NOT ok in Outlook?

Can you provide either screenshots or other examples of what is happening?

one idea may be lame but is the date and time correct on the problem pc/s and are you use 24 hundred hour time.
No other power saving modes clashing?
Thanks for the input TechSoEasy / Merete

Following your suggestions I used the affected accounts logged on via Outlook 2007 and OWA, they showed no problem. I tried a known good account on an affected machine and it was ok so I went back to square one and tried to replicate the original fault on one of the affected machines with one of the affected users and was unable to. I tried a different PC which was broken earlier and it is ok too.

The fault was reported by 4 users, two of which I was able to verify and reproduce (on the day) so I know I'm not imagining it! Perhaps there was a network time problem at the time? Should the problem return I shall start off looking into the local machine time...
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

The problem went away but the proposed solutions were useful
I'm sorry, but if the issue was not caused by time being off on the machine then why did you select #a38765583 as the answer?

Since there really is no solution you can either just close it selecting your last comment or delete it.

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The problem was not resolved but has gone away on its own