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asked on Recognising specific mobile devices


I am developing a highly secured (VB) administration website.

At the moment, one of the security features in that logins are only accepted from certain pre-registered IP addresses.

We now wish to allow mobile devices to access the site, but obviously this breaks the pre-registered IP address security.

Is there a way to pre-register specific devices, and then identify and only allow these to connect?


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Nasir Razzaq
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I don't think there is a way to achieve this. Identifying information is not sent in web requests.
not without forcing the devices installing some kind of client side authentication code, which passes unique identification and device information on every request to your web admin.
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Is that possible for iOS devices?

yes, u can use UIDevice currentDevice object to access device info:

so basically the authentication against your web admin will be using the device info to detect if device is authorize to access your web admin and register it for future requests.
But that requires an ios app right?
there's no simple workaround to detect device requesting web page without passing some kind of authentication code to the server.
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How would I integrate such an app with the web browser, or can't that be done?

in the web admin, you should have a download link which runs a script on your mobile, gather device info and pass it to the admin web page, then the admin authenticate the device and either authorize access or not.

its a bit like the windows genuine validation, which u have to run in order to validate your windows before allow you to update and stuff like that.
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Ok, that's sounds like a good approach, although I think I will have to subcontract that job, as it is a bit beyond me!

Unless anyone knows of an off the shelf solution I can buy to do this?

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Meir Rivkin
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