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Import PST file to Exchange 2010 SP2

Hello all,

i have Exchange  2010 SP2 we need to import PST file to user mailbox in Exchange database , is that applicable , Thanks all.
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Yes it is, however the easiest way to do this, and quickest, is through Outlook.

Just open up the Users profile in Outlook. Select File, Open and Import and select the PST file.

Please let me know how you get on.
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If you have an existing exchange server follow Akhater, if you have a simple PST use Dant7.  If the pst has other calendars (seperate calendars from the default one), you will have to import those sometimes separately.
Not sure but let me ask ..... how was the PST Exported and is this a PST Import from another environment or what is the background as if what i say you should add X500 to the Mailboxes in EMC to avoid further issues

If still have some queries please do let me know

- Rancy
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Dant7 , thanks but all our clients using only OWA, so it's necessary to import it to Exchange DB  :).
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Dear  Akhater,

Kindly my Exchange is SP2  after preparing all prerequsites i still facing this issue :-

User generated image

Could you advice ?
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Dear Rancy,

PST files copied from outlook 2010 data files to amount of users is built on zimbra environment and i will import it to Exchange 2010 sp2,

also in parallel i'm trying to   migrate from zimbra using Microsoft transporter tool but many error due to certificate ,  thanks .
you didn't do all the prereq as per my article, are you sure the user you are using is part of the group you created and all ?
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yes 100 %  , or that requires  re login , i will try that , thanks .
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i checked now again i make it  with the same name with the same type universal security and add my account to be member of it , and run the command

User generated image
Mailbox support should be a member of another group because when i checked it , it's Empty

would you like to check with specific command , thanks .
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Thanks  Akhater,

every thing works fine when i run the EMC shell when i run it as administrator ,

is there a bulk administration way , thank you very much .