Share own Outlook 2010 calendar in Sharepoint 2010

Dear All,

I would like to publish my own Outlook calendar in Sharepoint, so that everybody
can see my schedules. I don't want to have an second one in my Outlook in which
I have to enter my schedules twice.

Is this possible and if yes, how?

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SvenIAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes its possible.

Edit page and then add a webpart. Then choose Outlook Web App from the list on the left. Then you can choose 'My Calendar'. Your calendar is published as a webpart on the page.
insi01Author Commented:
and than I can grant access permission for
other people who can see my schedules?
That is correct. You can set the permissions on your exchange server.
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If you are using it inside your organization, why don't you give people access to your calendar in Outlook?
insi01Author Commented:
That is the point: We plan to publish this calendar in Sharepoint so that we can give external people access to it. Our Sharepoint is external available over SSL.
insi01Author Commented:

I grant you full points.

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