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Windows SBS2011 Server

We have two sites which are connected via a site to site vpn. Both sites are relatively small with 10 users. Right now we have a SBS2003 server at the main site which we are going to replace soon. The other site has a NAS drive for local files and they connect to the SBS for mail. The remote site only has DSL available so speed is always an issue so I would like to install a second server there for the local files and do a remote sync for the email. We use a lot of the features of SBS, but I do not think I can sync email to a second server with it. If so, does that server need to be a Standard ? Thanks all for your time.
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I am not sure of the feature limitations of SBS/Exchange, but assuming SBS would allow a second Exchange server, I dont think it would be advantageous to setup a Mailbox server at the second site.

Mail flow would come into primary site and still be sent over vpn to second site. Outlook Anywhere / OWA  would become very slow due to the dsl link.
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There is no such feature as SYNC from a Exchange to Non-Exchange .... Nothing as such will ever happen

- Rancy
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Rancy, I was thinking about putting two Exchange servers in and syncing them. DJ, my thought was if I could connect the remote users to a "local" exchange server I could remove the sluggishness they have when navigating through their email and folders. Understanding that the mail traffic would still have to go across the pipe for the servers to sync. Thanks again.
For SYNC you need Ent Exchange and thats only Possible with Std Windows not SBS

- Rancy
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Unless you've got really stinking awful DSL then email shouldn't be a great drama - what's the up/down speed?
What versions of Outlook are you using?  Are they using cached mode? Is it mostly slow retrieving mail or browsing folders in outlook?

Using Server 2008 Standard and Exchange would bump up your costs considerably over SBS2011.
BlueComputer, both E-mail and browsing folders is sluggish. The DSL is a 3/768, Outlook versions are 07 and 10 and yes they are using cached mode. They tend to keep very large outlook folders, in the several Gb range. I have had them start moving "old" messages to local archive folders to keep the sizes down, but then there is the concern about getting them backed up. I didn't know if syncing was an option but if I have to go to Enterprise then cost wise will probably double my price over SBS.
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